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Vedanta Targets Millions in Savings in Collaboration with GE to Deploy Digital Smelter Solutions at its Odisha Aluminium Plant

Up to $5M

Annual savings


Million tonnes of aluminium per annum

40 %

Market share of India's aluminium industry



Vedanta Limited


Digital Twin


Vedanta is adopting digital practices to drive operational excellence across its aluminium smelter plants, including the use of advanced data analytics to model plant assets and deliver alerts and insights to enhance business outcomes. This is the first implementation of GE’s Digital Smelter solutions in India will be the backbone of Vedanta’s Smart Pot smelter digitalization strategy. Vedanta will reduce specific energy consumption, improve raw material utilization, enhance current efficiency and increase life of the potline, creating best-in-class performance outcomes and cost savings.



GE and Vedanta Limited - Aluminium & Power business have embarked on 10-year agreement to implement GE’s Digital Smelter solutions at India’s largest smelter, Vedanta’s Jharsuguda smelter in Odisha, to increase its operational efficiency and productivity. This will be the first such deployment at an aluminum smelter in India.


A one-percent reduction in energy consumption based on digital smelter solutions can typically save a plant 4-5 million USD annually in the potlines alone, for every 1 mtpa of aluminum production. Additional analytics that address improved raw material (AlF3) utilization as well as increased pot life, along with solutions being developed for the carbon plant, alumina refinery and the casthouse can provide significant additional savings at a smelter.


Achieving Operational Excellence

“Being the largest producer of aluminium in India, and as leaders in a wide range of value-added aluminium products, this partnership with GE will help us achieve operational excellence as we are constantly looking at innovative technologies to enhance our performance standards,” said Ajay Kapur, CEO – Aluminium & Power Business, Vedanta Ltd. “The application of digital industrial solutions is an extraordinary opportunity to achieve process optimization to push productivity levels to benchmark beating standards."


The partnership with GE will help drive a cultural change in Vedanta to integrate Industry 4.0 practices in our people and operations.

jay Kapur - CEO – Aluminium & Power Business, Vedanta Ltd.


Commenting on the partnership, Mahesh Palashikar, President & CEO, GE South Asia said, “GE has a strong history of leadership to enhance competitiveness, efficiency and sustainability for our customers. We are proud to support Vedanta’s efforts to drive operational excellence across its aluminum smelter plants which will include advanced data analytics to model plant assets and deliver process advisories to enhance business outcomes. This will set new benchmarks in the industry”


GE’s Digital Smelter solutions are a significant step in charting the next generation of smelting operations globally.


“GE is helping to drive efficiencies and operations through cloud-based, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions which offer predictive insights and process advisories to help improve operational performance and reduce unplanned shutdowns and other undesired events,” said Bhanu Shekhar, Chief Commercial Officer at GE Digital. “Together with Vedanta we will work on improving the asset health and production process through the application of big data analytics, advanced failure mode analysis and process optimization modeling.”



Machine Leaning Delivers Insights and Boosts Efficiency


Historical information and real-time data will be processed using data analytics to generate alerts and advisories which will be sent to plant operators and maintenance teams in a user-friendly manner to help them execute their duties more effectively and achieve greater business outcomes for the plant.  GE’s digital solutions use machine learning algorithms to provide multiple outcomes such as pot health/leak alerts, virtual-sensor based dosing recommendations, anode-effect predictions, etc. which are entirely data analytics driven and require no additional sensing hardware or infrastructure. GE’s suite of Digital Smelter solutions is being internally developed jointly by GE Digital and GE Global Research Center to address all the elements of such a large-scale operation in the potlines, as well as for the other operational adjacencies that make up the entire smelter plant ecosystem.


Vedanta Limited is a premier manufacturer of metallurgical grade aluminium and other high-quality aluminium products, which are used by a wide gamut of core industries such as aerospace, electrical distribution, building & construction, transportation and defense. The company is the largest aluminum producer in India with an installed capacity of 2.3 MTPA and a 40% market share of India’s aluminium industry.


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