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Asset Performance Management (APM) Software

SPE Deploys GE Digital's APM software on AWS Cloud

2 %

Increase in uptime across its turbine fleet

$ 22 M

Production savings in 4 years


Decline in major safety incidents





Power Generation Software, Electric Utilities


Reliability Analysis Software, Asset Health & Condition Monitoring

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Asset Performance Management (APM) Software, Operations Performance Management (OPM)


SPE is a 2020 Digital Innovator Award winner.


SPE serves more than 10 million customers in Algeria. Their investments in remote monitoring and commitment to digital transformation have led to best-in-class maintenance cost management.


For this solution, GE Digital partnered with Amazon Web Services. 

  • AWS Cloud
  • AWS Architecture: EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud), RDS (Relational Database Services), S3 (Simple Storage Service), MQ, and MemoryDB for Redis



SPE wanted to improve monitoring and diagnostics across 12 power generation sites. SPE’s Monitoring and Diagnostics (M&D) centre in Algiers is responsible for monitoring in real time and overseeing the maintenance operations of 12 power generation sites across Algeria. In total, SPE monitors over 50 gas/steam turbines and supporting balance of plant (BOP) components daily, in an effort to maintain uptime, enhance production and improve reliability.


SPE also sought to improve its environmental goals within a changing regulatory landscape. The power generation industry is encountering a string of environmental challenges, driven by legislation, customer demand and stakeholder pressure. Ambitious governmental climate transition plans are also putting pressure on power generation firms. SPE was on the lookout for technology solutions that would help it futureproof its business and shield against an increasingly competitive market that requires a balanced approach towards solving the energy trilemma of energy equity, energy security and environmental sustainability.



  • Asset performance management for advanced maintenance strategies: GE Digital’s APM software product was recognized as a Market Leader in the 2020 Verdantix APM solutions Green Quadrant benchmark, earning the highest score – a perfect 3.0/3.0 – for both asset health monitoring and asset failure prediction amongst 11 APM software suppliers. By implementing GE Digital’s APM in AWS Cloud and SmartSignal, SPE is leveraging predictive maintenance functionality to identify future asset failures, helping it to optimize its maintenance plan to maximize returns and meet demand fluctuations, while increasing asset uptime.


  • Operations performance management for enhanced energy efficiency: SPE implemented GE Digital’s OPM software to help optimize power generation across its fleet of turbines by minimizing gas consumption and increasing profit margins, while accounting for any additional strain put on assets to meet energy demand spikes.


  • Asset-level digital twins for improved visibility and prescriptive insights: By implementing GE Digital’s APM software suite, SPE was able to create an overview of the health status of the assets monitored and create analytical models to generate alerts. The analytical models are enabled by the use of historical data, real-time monitoring information and GE’s OEM expertise with turbines. The diagnostics and alerts provided by the software give SPE prescriptive information into the failure culprits and the mitigation measures to be undertaken, with associated timelines. SPE uses these insights to optimize work order prioritization based on risk, balancing probability and the impact of failure.



Leveraging the power of GE Digital Asset Performance Management software and AWS, SPE has reduced major incidents by up to 40%, saved more than $20 million in performance and operations costs and increased availability by up to 6% across its 14-site fleet. Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) provides access to reliable and scalable infrastructure on demand and is supported by the AWS SLA commitment of 99.99%. SPE can use EC2 instances across multiple locations, allowing increased protection from data failures.  The AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) provides increased data availability and access across the enterprise, resulting in reduced data storage costs with limited upfront investments.  Using Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS), SPE can set up, operate, and scale databases and benefit from increased monitoring ability, increased security & compliance, and data backup.


SPE realized:

  • More than 2% increase in uptime across its turbine fleet
  • Enhanced efficiency, with production savings of over $22 million in 4 years
  • Decline of 10% to 40% in major safety incidents and supported a 60% decrease in the number of maintenance personnel


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