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SIBUR Reduces Unplanned Downtime by 45% with Predictive Analytics

45 %

Reduction of unplanned shut-downs for Gas Processing Plant compressors


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Sibur, Russia’s largest integrated gas processing and petrochemical company, oversees more than 23,000 employees across 26 production sites that manufacture products in the energy, automotive, consumer, construction and chemical industries in 80 countries. The company has implemented a “maintenance2fix” business process that allows for collaboration between the Production Efficiency development and Reliability and Maintenance teams to synergize solutions to align and improve business process metrics.


Part of this project included the integration of GE Digital’s predictive analytics software and APM Classic integration for business sub-processes automation for risk management and maintenance strategy development/optimization. Alexander Vostrikov, Head of Projects, Sibur, discusses some of the hard and soft benefits recorded to date. He also discusses further developments on implementing a control and diagnostic center, and developing internal monitoring competencies, including the addition of diagnostic and IIoT transmitters.




Alexander Vostrikov, Head of Projects, Sibur

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