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Malaysia Airlines Partners with GE Digital to Modernize its Fuel Analytics Platform


Building a legacy for future generations through sustainability efforts

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Modernizing fuel efficiency program to identify the most attainable fuel savings



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As part of an on-going initiative to meet its sustainability goal, Malaysia Airlines has adopted GE Digital’s Fuel Insight and FlightPulse aviation software to transform and modernize the airline’s fuel efficiency program.


From efficiency measures to waste reduction processes, Malaysia Airlines has implemented various initiatives across its operations to address sustainability goals. The fuel efficiency program has been running for more than a decade, contributing to a 15% fuel burn improvement recorded over the past eight years.


Data analytics deliver actionable intelligence to maximize safety and fuel efficiency


Data analytics has been a cornerstone of the Malaysia Airlines program, with various improvements made in systems infrastructure and capabilities.  As a part of this focus, the airline embraces technologies by GE Digital to facilitate efficient and digitally connected operations.


Fuel Insight is a cost and emissions monitoring solution that works by understanding data from the aircraft to uncover valuable intelligence that help increase fuel efficiency and reduce waste. Merging flight data with flight plans, load sheets and fuel uplift data helps identify the most attainable fuel savings opportunities and track the incremental savings across the operation. Fuel Insight gives operators actionable intelligence at multiple levels allowing analysts to drill down macro trends to understand issues on a per-flight level.


FlightPulse puts data directly into the hands of pilots, allowing them to visualize their savings over time. Pilots who understand their own performance can adjust their flight plans to maximize safety and fuel efficiency. Secure benchmarking and data sharing lets crew members see their contribution to projects and dramatically shortens the feedback loop.



Digitalization accelerates sustainability goals and demonstrates immediate value


Group Operations Officer of Malaysia Airlines, Ahmad Luqman Mohd Azmi said, “Advocating sustainability in all of our operations has always been the primary goal for Malaysia Airlines. We look forward to such collaboration that contributes to the airline’s efforts to accelerate our sustainability goals."

Digitalization is a core component of our Long Term Business Plan and we have seen how these efforts bring immediate value especially in the area of fuel efficiency.

Ahmad Luqman Mohd Azmi - Group Operations Officer, Malaysia Airlines

"Through these solutions, we seek to play a greater part in building a legacy for future generations and enhancing our own airline’s sustainability efforts," he continued.

GE is committed to environmental excellence and that includes ensuring that our customers are empowered to reduce the impact of their technology and environmental footprint within their operations.

Andrew Coleman - General Manager, Aviation Software, GE Digital

“These solutions will help Malaysia Airlines to leverage software to improve efficiency and reduce carbon emissions,” continued Mr. Coleman.


Read the press release on Malaysia Airlines and GE Digital.

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