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Predix Asset Performance Management

Kahramaa Finds Grid Reliability with Power Grid Asset Performance Management Software

50 %

Reduction in substation faults

180 %

ROI on the system after 2 years





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Predix Asset Performance Management

The Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation (Kahramaa) is the sole transmission & distribution system owner and operator for the electricity and water sector in Qatar. 


Kahramaa created an ambitious business goal of identifying and prioritizing maintenance and asset replacement based on risks related to the current condition of all electrical assets across their distribution substations.


Kahramaa worked with GE to implement a Grid Asset Performance Management (APM) solution that could provide consistent analytics for all assets, recommendations for action based on condition and risk, and comprehensive, fleet-wide reporting. The grid asset performance management tool needed to cover over eleven thousand distribution substations and one hundred and fifty thousand assets, consisting of twelve different asset types.


With the grid infrastructure asset management software in place, Kahramaa is now able to analyze the condition of their grid-wide assets. These upgrades to grid reliability have resulted in the number of substation faults being reduced by more than 50% and Kahramaa was able to achieve an ROI on the power grid asset performance management system of 180% after 2 years of implementation.

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Predix Asset Performance Management

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