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Proficy Historian

Genzyme Speeds Data Collection and Production Reports


High availability with server redundancy

Lower costs

Reduce data storage costs


Time-saving visualization, whereby critical data finds you





Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical



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Proficy Historian, Proficy HMI / SCADA

Genzyme has been a fully owned subsidiary of Sanofi. As a subsidiary of Sanofi, Genzyme has a presence in approximately 65 countries, including 17 manufacturing facilities and nine genetic-testing laboratories. Its products are also sold in 90 countries.


Quality, Maintenance and Performance Reports


  • Server operations were slow and sometimes didn’t complete while generating quality, maintenance and performance reports on long production runs


  • Secure and speed up Genzyme’s data collection and production reports



New Plant-Wide Historian Added to Proven Automation Solution


In addition to its long-time use of iFIX HMI/SCADA from GE Digital, Genzyme rolled out an enhanced OT architecture, adding a new Proficy Historian module from GE Digital to two existing servers, archiving a total of over 20,000 tags.


Additionally, the team upgraded the existing Proficy Historian of 10,000 tags, providing Genzyme with advanced insights into their collected production data.


Furthermore, advanced adoption of GE Digital’s Acceleration Plan for Support and Maintenance Services ensures Genzyme’s production operates at its highest efficiency.



Proficy Historian for Data Management Enhances iFIX HMI/SCADA Monitoring and Control


  • Collect, archive and visualize production reports with no impact on the performance of the existing installation


  • Automatic daily refresh of the data from the new Proficy Historian server and manual clean-up if upon request


  • Integrate data to ensure information is traced, secure-by-design, accessible, and not lost


  • Reduce costs by optimizing data storage costs



Lower Data Storage Costs with Plant-Wide Historian


  • Achieve fast time to value with simple installation and easy-to-use Web clients with integrated tag search and drag-and-drop features


  • Supports high availability with server redundancy


  • Leverage continuous and highly scalable data read-and-write functionality


  • Reduce storage costs


  • Save time and costs with seamless ingestion to HDFS, adding time-series data to your big data analytics


  • Take advantage of the time-saving dashboard, whereby critical data finds you


  • Real-time / Faster insights enables viewing data within trends and context of the plant data model to determine root causes and turn the data into actionable information.


  • “Single source of truth” and real-time/faster visibility into process data and trending


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