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Flight Analytics for Airlines

FlightPulse® leverages Qantas pilots' vast experience

Up to 15%

Increase in adoption of fuel-saving procedures

1.88 MM kg

Fuel saved in the first year post FlightPulse adoption

2,715 pilots

Engaged as of September 2019 with a further goal of airline-wide adoption

5.71 MM kg

Carbon emissions avoided








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Flight Analytics for Airlines

This customer story reflects results that happened before the COVID-19 global pandemic.


Qantas is the largest Australian domestic and international carrier with a reputation for excellence in safety, reliability, maintenance and customer service and a history of innovation. With 300+ aircraft, 7,300 flights per week and 55 MM passengers per year, Qantas boasts a unique mixture of ultra long-haul, short-haul, regional and cargo flights servicing both low-cost and premium markets.


Qantas collaborated with GE to address these challenges:


  1. Pilots did not have access to individual flight data for self-reflection, continuous learning and benchmarking


  1. Pilots were unable use their individual performance to collaborate on flight risk management and fuel-saving initiatives



FlightPulse connects pilots directly to personal flight analytics by merging flight data with crew scheduling. Empowered to conduct their own analysis and peer comparisons, pilots discover areas to optimize operations and efficiency, while reducing risk, fuel consumption and carbon emissions.


Download the Qantas customer story.

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Flight Analytics for Airlines

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