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Embry-Riddle Supports the Future of Flight Safety with GE Digital’s Safety Insight® Software




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In 2020, Florida-based Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University adopted GE Digital’s Safety Insight® for its aviation safety education courses and programs on all its campuses and in its operations to improve efficiency for flight and fleet maintenance in the university’s flight departments.


The software includes Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) technology to enhance flight safety operations on Embry-Riddle’s flight line, plus create dynamic learning experiences with its data analytics curriculum. 


“The use of Safety Insight’s Flight Operations Quality Assurance [FOQA] technology, the gold standard of flight data monitoring, ensures Embry-Riddle students are highly competitive for safety and risk-management roles at every major airline in the world,” said Dr. Alan Stolzer, Dean of the College of Aviation.  


FOQA software gives us a huge competitive advantage over other flight and educational programs.

Dr. Alan Stolzer - Dean, College of Aviation, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


GE Digital Establishes New Scholarship at Embry-Riddle to Promote Career Pathways in Safety and Data Analytics


By providing students and faculty with access to GE Digital’s leading flight data analytics platform, the GE-Embry-Riddle partnership is also improving aviation safety education by opening doors to additional applied learning and research opportunities.


Now, GE Digital is going a step further to support the future safety of flight, with its creation of the GE Digital Endowed Scholarship Fund at the university.


At GE, we come to work each day excited about inventing the future of flight.

Andrew Coleman - General Manager, Aviation Software, GE Digital

“To make that a reality we must make our world better for future generations, and our aviation industry accessible to everyone from all walks of life. Critical to that is developing students who will lead this industry moving forward. We are proud to launch this initiative with Embry-Riddle to prepare students to solve some of the toughest Aviation challenges we’ve ever seen through the use of digital software solutions,” said Andrew Coleman, General Manager of GE Digital’s Aviation Software business.


Embry-Riddle Supports the Future of Flight Safety with GE Digital’s Safety Insight® Software

GE Digital's new scholarship at Embry-Riddle promotes career pathways in safety and data analytics. Photo courtesy of Embry-Riddle

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University emphasizes flight safety and fleet maintenance

Embry-Riddle students learn flight safety first hand. Photo courtesy of Embry Riddle

The new endowed scholarship will help promote career pathways in safety and data analytics by supporting Embry-Riddle students who are pursuing degrees in these areas at the Daytona Beach, Florida, campus.


“Our relationship with GE Digital continues to grow as we work together to promote aviation safety through data analytics and sustainability,” said Stolzer.  “We greatly appreciate GE Digital’s support of students who are pursuing careers that will rely on innovative software and analytics aimed at keeping our skies safe.”


Read the press release about the Embry-Riddle, GE Digital partnership.

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