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China Eastern Airlines improves safety with GE’s algorithm


Safety related events on A320 fleet since adoption of GE solution*



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China Eastern is a leading Chinese full service carrier with young aircraft fleet (< 6 yrs), mixed (Airbus, Boeing), and growing rapidly. Their Safety / FOQA / flight data management team was constrained with managing an expanding fleet with limited resources.

China Eastern was seeing 4 safety related events on B737-800 aircraft from more than 3 MM flights across 4 years and an inability to apply B737-800 safety experiences to accurately assess tail strike risk to safety on A320 fleet (largest proportion of fleet).


  • More accurate method for assessing tail strike risk by calculating tail clearance using trigonometry instead of measuring pitch angle, which is susceptible to measurement inaccuracy of landing gear position


  • Application of above algorithm to 26 parameters from 560,000+ flight hours of customer data in EMS to create historical risk score


  • Online tool with safety risk score to enable safety analysts to diagnose root cause of each flight’s risk and recommend actions


  • 0 safety related events on A320 fleet since adoption of GE solution*


  • Operational reference and data to systematize process for preventing safety related events in future


  • Actionable benchmark for pitch angle, pitch rate and pitch command based on anonymized data from other global flights from EMS record of 409 MM flight hours


*As of April 2019

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Putting Aviation Data to Work
Putting Aviation Data to Work
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