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BBAM Aircraft Leasing Uses GE Digital’s Asset Transfer System to Help Improve Efficiency, Lower Costs







BBAM Limited Partnership




Asset Transfer System (ATS)

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Global aircraft lessor, BBAM Limited Partnership (BBAM) is using the GE Digital Asset Transfer System™ software to modernize and streamline its asset documentation process across its global fleet of leased aircraft. With two modules, records management and project management, BBAM can help drive efficiency through the lifecycle of a leased asset while maintaining compliance with document storage.

Asset Transfer System helps us to realize more efficiency, increased project visibility, and lower costs related to managing aircraft transitions.

Jim Conroy - Deputy Chief Technical Officer, BBAM

“Our goal is to automate and digitize critical processes to improve project management as well as communication between all parties during aircraft transition,” said Conroy.


BBAM Streamlines Asset Documentation with Airlines


BBAM is one of the largest aircraft lessors in the world and the leading manager of third-party capital in the sector. With a fleet of more than 450 aircraft under management including Airbus, Boeing, and Embraer airplanes used by more than 100 airlines across the globe, BBAM was looking for a way to streamline and simplify the way leased asset documentation is managed between the company and its airline customers.


“We are pleased to be working with BBAM. From the start, they have been hungry and aggressively embraced our Asset Transfer System to digitally complete aircraft transitions,” said Andrew Coleman, General Manager for GE Digital Aviation Software.


The records module of Asset Transfer System is designed to allow users to organize, view, search, retrieve, download, and transfer documents digitally while supporting records compliance. The project management module enables users to create projects, view dashboards to see project status, view status of multiple projects in parallel, and interactively manage the lessor checklist status of required documentation. The module has a modern interface that provides clear identification of stakeholders, documentation management status, and a digital master issues list to give a complete “at a glance” view of lease transition projects.


Included in the tool is an administration module that provides users the ability to manage permissions, assets, checklists, and more. The Asset Transfer System helps drive efficiencies for both the airline and lessors throughout the entire life of a leased asset to include aircraft deliveries, annual inspection audits, and asset transitions.


The combination of GE Digital domain expertise in flight analytics and engine diagnostics to bring disparate data together and the digital leased asset transfer system capability is designed to enable web-based fleet maintenance across the aviation leasing market.


 “GE Digital provides software that the aviation industry needs to harness their data and facilitate their business goals,” said Coleman.

By modernizing documentation management, companies like BBAM can effectively manage the paperwork needed to make sure their assets are transferred efficiently and in compliance.

Andrew Coleman - General Manager, GE Digital Aviation Software

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