Smart Connected Operations

Transform your manufacturing operations

Over time, Smart Connected Operations will allow manufacturers to provide real-time operations data with predictive analytics embedded, becoming an autonomous production environment.

Smart connected operations


Plant, Asset and Product Design or Configuration (5,8)
Inventory Levels and Flow (1, 3, 4, 8, 12)
Quality Performance (4, 9)
Assets Performance (5)
Internal and External Operating Conditions Supplier Performance (1)
Customer Demands and Requirements (12)
Environmental Impact | Energy Use
Mobile Enabled Employees with Collaboration and Optimal Decision Making (7, 13)
Closed loop business process (13)

Business drivers

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  1. Connect silos

    Connect silos

    Foster collaboration between departments and work across supply and demand chains.
  2. Connect IT and OT

    Connect IT and OT

    Use IoT enabled assets, operations, and business systems.
  3. Don’t be left behind

    Don’t be left behind

    34% of the market is making investments in the next 12 months on Industrial IoT Source: LNS Research
  4. Need to start at the foundation?

    Need to start at the foundation?

    Start with Smart Connected Assets   to accelerate a digital thread through your operations.

    Connecting people, plants and data around the world

    Learn how one of GE’s customers uses software powered by the Industrial Internet to transform its operations—increasing capacity by 20%, decreasing lead times, and improving traceability to better serve its customers. See Smart Connected Assets and Smart Connected Operations at work.

    Where are your peers on their Industrial Internet Journey?

    LNS Research’s Webinar on Smart Connected Operations presents key findings, insights, and recommendations based on the results of its Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) online survey with over 500 respondents. 

    Manufacturing | MES | GE Digital
    1. Enable smart connected operations
      Enable smart connected operations
      Explore the strategy of integrating manufacturing and supply chain and provide guidance on how to develop a business case to justify this approach. Real-time data helps significantly increase your agility.

      Connect your operations