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Our Brilliant Manufacturing software is the synthesis of two decades of working with the worlds most recognized brands in manufacturing and our own GE plants. Powered by Predix, our software enables you to predict, adapt, and react more quickly and effectively than ever before. Link design, engineering, manufacturing, supply chain, distribution and services into one globally scalable intelligent system.

Unlocking Unprecedented Efficiency and Factory Optimization

  1. 10-20%

    Reduced unplanned downtime
    Reduced unplanned downtime
    Improved maintenance management with the Brilliant Manufacturing Suite at GE Transportation’s facility in Grove City, PA. By equipping machines with sensors, maintenance happens based on operating conditions.
  2. -20%

    Decreased inventory
    Decreased inventory
    Reduced inventory 20% for a global Consumer Packaged Goods company.
  3. +20%

    Recovered capacity
    Recovered capacity
    20% capacity recovery for a key product category at a global chemical giant delivered a full year of deferred capital expenditure on a new production line

    Real-Time Visibility, Insights, and Optimization

    Our software focuses on empowering decision makers with real-time visibility and deep operational intelligence. It supports insightful decisions with real-time quality and execution information. And it helps balance plant production automatically with product quality and profitability.

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    Customer Story

    Brilliant Manufacturing in Action

    Hear from our customers how GE software helped improve manufacturing performance, reduce downtime, and increase operation efficiency.
    Global GE Ultrasound Facility Goes Digital Video
    GE Digital | Phoenix facility becomes the first to implement GE Digital’s Plant Pulse Optimizer (PPO) across any GE Healthcare site.
    Global GE Ultrasound Facility Goes Digital Video 00:03:00
    AkzoNobel : Connecting People, Plants, and Data Around the World Video 00:03:20
    Reducing Unplanned Downtime at Grove City Video 00:03:00
    GE Aviation Brilliant Manufacturing Video
    Procter & Gamble: Delivering Manufacturing of the Future 00:02:19

    See How F&B Leaders Outperform Goals by 9%

    Industry leaders are using software to digitize their processes for the visibility and data needed to make the most effective decisions and drive operational excellence. And look, they’re ahead in every category!

    Smart Connected Manufacturing

    1. Smart Connected Manufacturing
      Smart Connected Manufacturing
      With the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), the future is now. You can solve your operational challenges by connecting your assets, operations, and business systems across your enterprise.

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      One Million Terabytes per day … That’s How Much Data Predix Will Process by 2020.

      Predix is enabling the adoption of powerful, secure, and scalable solutions to help drive increased efficiency and factory optimization. That’s industrial-strength strength you can count on.