For consumers, the Internet is old news. It's already changed their lives in ways we could not have fathomed a short generation ago.

But for industry, the revolution is just beginning. Computer-connected sensors have started appearing in factories, controlling everything from simple motors to MRI machines. Thousands of networks connect power plants, railroad systems, healthcare technology, and complex modern infrastructure.

As GE CEO Jeff Immelt put it: "This vast physical world of machines, facilities, fleets, and networks can more deeply merge with the connectivity, big data, and analytics of the digital world. This is what the Industrial Internet Revolution is all about." In fact, GE believes that driving just a 1% efficiency gain in certain key industries through the Industrial Internet could add $15 trillion to the world GDP by 2030.

The goal of this new community is to cover this revolution. We'll have insightful blog posts from thought leaders and news feeds aggregating topical articles from around the web. Our eyes are fixed on anything having to do with the Industrial Internet: big data, cloud computing, new sensor technology, cyber security, machine learning, and more.

We also recognize that the future is always in flux. That's why we're inviting you to help shape it. We've opened a discussion space on LinkedIn for community conversations. Whether you're a passionate amateur sensor hacker or a titan of industry, we hope you'll join us in creating and discussing the coming Industrial Internet Revolution.

The Industrial Internet era has already begun.

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