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Seven Essential Actions To Consider For Your Food & Beverage Operations Right Now

Recover valuable production time and accelerate margin

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Enabling rapid line changeovers

In today’s fiercely competitive economy, manufacturers face intense pressures to boost production efficiency and meet increasing consumer demands. Now more than ever before, consumers expect a constantly changing breadth of diverse, innovative products, and inventory managers everywhere have had to adapt to smaller, more targeted runs to meet demand and minimize excess inventory.


Discover how to enable rapid changeovers through the use of electronic work instructions in your operations.

Explore GE Digital's Industrial Apps

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Industrial Apps

Proficy CSense

Industrial analytics software that optimizes asset and process performance.

GE Digital's MES software for manufacturers helps optimize operations
Industrial Apps

Proficy Manufacturing Execution Systems

Reach manufacturing excellence through Industrial IoT insights and intelligence.

Industrial Apps

Proficy Historian

Powerful industrial time-series data collection for on-premise and cloud-based storage and analysis