On Jan. 15, 2016, Nate Kube, co-founder and CTO of Wurldtech, a GE-owned company and a leader in cyber security for operational technology (OT), joined Justin Fong from Deloitte’s cybersecurity practice and Troy Davidson, a business leader and security strategist on a panel discussion at the JuneWarren-Nickle's Energy Group—GE Group Speaker Series in Calgary, Canada. 

While cyber security makes daily headlines for data breaches related to personal information, this panel session discussed the cyber landscape in the energy sector, sharing both historic IT and operations scenarios, current OT use cases as well as emerging trends within the industry.

Kube is an innovator and leader in cyber security for critical infrastructure. He has testified before the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and serves as an expert for the IEC/ISO working group on industrial cyber security standards. He has presented and lectured on a variety of topics, including Industrial Internet of Things, Industrial Cyber Security, Enterprise to shop floor security convergence, IT-OT security convergence in critical infrastructure and Digital Innovation.

In his comments, Kube noted the important distinction between IT and OT cyber security.

"In IT the core objective is to protect data. In Operational Technology (OT), it is to help ensure safety and keep systems operating. While the Industrial Internet represents a major growth opportunity, particularly in the energy industry, it also introduces new challenges and cyber threats to OT and critical operating systems. At Wurldtech, we protect industrial businesses and critical assets so industry can reap the rewards of operational connectivity across systems, equipment and infrastructure.”

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