At the recent Cloud Foundry Summit in San Francisco, if you didn’t get distracted by mountains of chocolate-dipped biscotti and unlimited FREE Ms. Pac-Man, you might have spotted a line of developers at the GE Software booth waiting to try the new virtual reality (VR) experience app: Predix in Action.

GE Software Marketing Lead Jan Helbing explains the experience, “As we prepare to make Predix available to developers around the world, we wanted to come up with a cool, fun way to share its exciting potential for creating industrial apps that will literally shape the next industrial era.

“Our virtual reality (VR) experience is not a demo of existing apps powered by Predix. Instead, it’s a virtual glimpse into the kind of apps that could be built on and powered by Predix in order to optimize industrial assets, sites, and fleets. In this case, we chose to imagine "augmented reality" apps that help identify and guide necessary repairs at a subsea oil and gas facility.”

From my perspective, the 3-D experience definitely passes the cool test. But it’s much more than a fun toy—it’s technology that could stop a huge oil leak a few leagues under the sea. And by downloading the virtual experience on your phone and signing up to become a Predix early adopter, you can get updates, insights, and new virtual challenges leading up to the Predix launch. Fun, interactive, and interesting tech with a purpose--gotta love it.

About the author

Denny Bulcao, Jr.

Senior Technical Writer at GE