While cyber attacks on information technology (IT) is all too common today—the stealing of customer information, corporate information, IP theft and so on—it is increasing in frequency in industrial settings. The difference is, in an operational environment it’s not information that perpetrators are interested in. It’s physical damage—disruption to operations, harm to people and/or a desire to inflict environmental damage.

Mitigate the negative effects of both malicious intent and innocent human error.

IT security is a strategic part of a data center stack intended to protect information. But it’s not designed to protect against attacks on control systems that manage processes operating oil rigs, power plants, manufacturing facilities or even medical scanners. Operational technology, or OT, cyber security is designed to defend process integrity to ensure equipment operates as intended, and to protect people and the environment in the process.

Protect Your Critical Assets

Cyber Security Infographic

Are Your Industrial Control Systems (ICS) at Risk?

What could happen if there's a security breach in your organization? Check out this infographic to learn ways to protect your critical assets.


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