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A Path to Fuel and CO2 Reductions

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OPM Performance Intelligence | Digital Energy | GE

Operations Performance Management

Operations Performance Management (OPM) improves the performance of plants, sites, and generation portfolios with Performance Intelligence, Production Planning and Performance Optimization. 


Enabled by secure edge-to-cloud technology and built on the Predix Platform, OPM analyzes historical data, plant operations and other data sources to monitor and diagnose issues or areas of improvement, predict capacity and its cost to improve day ahead and intraday planning, deliver executable advice or close the loop and drive desired outcomes for improved efficiency, flexibility, capacity and emissions. 

Digital in the Future of Energy

Future of Energy
Future of Energy
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Decarbonization is mission-critical

The global energy landscape will change more in the next 10 years than in the previous hundred. As the world’s energy sector moves away from fossil fuels toward renewable energy sources, industrial companies are challenged with addressing this transition in transformative ways.


Digitization will be key to making power-generating assets more efficient, the electric grid more secure and resilient, the aviation industry more sustainable, and helping manufacturers reduce waste.

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