It’s not always easy to visualize the future, and engineers on the cutting edge of technology have always had a soft spot for jargon and opaque nomenclature (Hypervisor, anyone?).

The Industrial Internet is no different. It’s spawning many new terms and concepts – for example, M2M networks – but at the end of the day, the value comes from listening to what interconnected industrial machines are saying and applying that learning to business practices.

If you have any questions about the power of Hadoop, the emergence of software defined machines, or the role of historical data in predictive analytics, then the video below is for you. It does an excellent job of translating the Industrial Internet into real world practice.

In the case of GE, specific Industrial Internet based solutions in the video are delivered under the Predictivity™ brand. Beyond exploring how the Industrial Internet will be implemented, the video also explores what it will deliver to the bottom line.

Bold predictions include estimates that a modest one percent efficiency gain driven by the fully realized Industrial Internet will deliver savings equal to $82 trillion, or half the value of today’s global economy.

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