Harbor Research and Postscapes recently collaborated to produce an infographic to tell the story of the Industrial Internet (of Things)… According to the analyst first, “It is not just about people communicating with people or machines communicating with machines; it also includes people communicating with machines, and machines communicating with people.  Smart connected systems are a technical and economic phenomenon of unprecedented scale - potentially billions if not trillions of nodes…. An Internet of Infinite interactions and values.” “Whatever we choose to call it – ‘Smart Systems’ or ‘M2M’ or ‘The Internet of Things’ — we are referring to digital microprocessors and sensors embedded in everyday objects. But even this makes too many assumptions about what the smart systems phenomenon will be. Encoded information in physical objects is also smart—even without intrinsic computing ability. Seen in this way, a printed bar code, a house key, or even the pages of a technical manual can have the status of an ‘information device’ on a network. For that matter, all of these characterizations do not even begin to address the human-machine dimension of collaboration.” “The Internet’s most profound potential lies in the integration of smart machines, people and systems.  Networked “embedded intelligence” is what puts the “smart” in smart systems and services, and it will bend the traditional linear value chain into a “feedback loop” through which the heartbeats of manufactured objects will continually flow back through the complex business relationships that create, distribute, use and service those objects. As it evolves, the Internet of Things will inform a world of real time living intelligence.” Check out the full infographic, here.

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