The Industrial Internet is enabling industrial companies to unleash new levels of innovation to drive productivity, efficiency, asset availability, and new business models. But digital transformation is a process, and it takes time. We began this transformation years ago at GE. During our 2016 Minds + Machine event in San Francisco, we recognized several organizations that have demonstrated significant progress in the digital industrial journey.

Procter & Gamble (P&G), a major multinational consumer goods company, has won the Digital Innovator of the Year award for the most innovative business model change. It is driving transformative changes through the power of industrial big data and analytics. With a common platform to drive asset and quality analysis, powered by GE Digital’s Plant Applications and a Scorecard application, the company has delivered powerful business outcomes, including operator productivity increases, reduction in supply chain inventory, and annual material cost savings. As an early adopter of innovative digital solutions, P&G has stayed on the forefront of major improvements in inventory, capacity, and quality for a competitive edge in partnership wtih GE And Gray Matter Systems.

Exelon, a Fortune 100 energy company, takes home the Digital Innovator of the Year award for the most innovative use of culture and change to drive IIoT. Exelon is setting itself apart by quickly pushing innovation for leading-edge technology solutions, powered by the Industrial Internet. Building on the success of several pilots conducted across Exelon’s fleet last year, Predix is leveraging the power of cloud-computing and data analytics to allow for increased visibility across Exelon’s entire generation fleet.  In 2016, this collaboration will grow further with the deployment of Predix software applications across Exelon’s 32,700 megawatt nuclear, natural gas, hydroelectric, wind and solar generation fleet to increase performance and reliability.  Exelon and GE will also collaborate on co-innovation solutions using Predix to develop next generation software as-a-service (SaaS) applications.

Gerdau is one of the world’s largest suppliers of special steel, winning the 2016 Digital Innovator of the Year award for the most innovative use of GE Services. As part of its effort to adopt more flexible structures, Gerdau implemented SmartSignal and Historian from GE Digital, and utilized GE Digital’s Industrial Performance & Reliability Center (IPRC) remote monitoring to detect impending equipment failure and to proactively repair defects. In just six months of a one-year pilot, the IPRC and Gerdau's team caught two major instances that prevented 130 hours of downtime in the Sinter Plant and avoiding costs of over $1.5 million. For the next phase of the project, the collaborative effort is projected to save $4.5 million per year, with a project payback of eight months.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is a global leader in IT services, digital, and business solutions, and was awarded the Digital Innovator of the Year for Ecosystem Excellence. As a strategic GE Digital partner, TCS is a leading contributor to advancing the industrial app economy. Its Digital Store—an innovative and differentiated approach to application development—includes more than 150 applications, including 50 implemented on the Predix platform. The Store comprises a suite of applications built by TCS providing an agile and rich customer experience across multiple Industry segments.

Congratulations to all these innovators for their leadership in the digital transformation movement.

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