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Industry 4.0 is Changing the World. Could the Circular Economy Save It?

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Innovation in Industry 4.0: From Lean Management to the Circular Economy

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While lean management focuses on finding and eliminating waste, the circular economy focuses on finding and monetizing waste. Taken together, lean management and the circular economy offer new monetization opportunities, enabled by new digital technologies that are accelerating our transition to supporting circular business models. This webinar is an opportunity to learn how your current data can be used to close the loop and unlock these opportunities.


Learn how GE Digital is pioneering solutions for digital industrial supply chain and operations - including digital value stream mapping to identify, reduce, and exploit process waste.

Evolving Industry 4.0: Circular Supply Chain & Connected Manufacturing

Evolving Industry Symposium: Circular Supply Chain and Connected Mfg | GE

November 19 - 20, 2019 | Paris, France

This symposium connects professionals who bring experience and passion in supply chain, circular economy, and 4.0 technology. We will explore the connections among these topics and the pending effects on global supply chain. The purpose is to delve into the ways that the circular economy will impact supply chains, and determine approaches that global supply chains can prepare to support circularity.


By the end of the symposium, we will have the foundations of using circularity as a supply chain strategy, ideas for measuring progress, and the early stages of action plans.

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