Increasingly, media outlets are investigating the role the Industrial Internet will play in both the short- and long-term future. Today’s post shares some of the opinions and ideas that have been raised recently. “Sensor technologies are rapidly evolving into ‘autonomous analytical devices that perform sophisticated analytical processes.’ This is being driven by advancements in fields such as nano-materials. As such, new sensor technologies are coming to market that are smaller, cheaper, faster, and more energy efficient.” - Are Manufacturers Ready for the Industrial Internet? (Thomasnet, Industry Market Trends). “Effectively, G.E. is taking the data-driven tools and strategies used by Google and Facebook to the much larger global economy. What tracking cookies in a browser do for understanding what Web ads to put in front of you, a turbine rich with sensors and complimentary software will do for better operating an electrical grid.” - General Electric Adds to Its ‘Industrial Internet’ (The New York Times) “Being able to monitor one-quarter of the world's power plants in real time is cool, but it's not the most interesting part of [Justin] Eggart's job. Being able to act on the information streaming out of those plants instantaneously and remotely is what's so groundbreaking. “’The information we can access hasn't changed all that materially. It's our ability to collect the data that's changed,’ said Eggart. ‘Our analytical capabilities are ten times greater than they were five years ago.’” - Energy Innovation: How GE's Industrial Internet Reshapes Thermal Power Generation (The Energy Collective) “The problem with big ideas is putting them into practice. Unlike the Internet, which is a complex system that emerged quite naturally from the combination of a few platform technologies, the Internet of things – as it is currently conceived – would require the coordinated effort of a great number of parties. Perhaps the trick is to stop worrying about making the Internet of things a reality, and thinking more about what the problems are that need to be solved. “ - Is the Internet of things too big an idea? (Information Age)

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