What are the challenges with adopting an IIoT platform? What are the benefits? How can implementing this type of technology transform your business?

In September 2017, GE Digital commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a global study* to evaluate industrial interest in IIoT platforms. Companies currently using IIoT platforms and those that are not using such technology participated in the online survey. The results provide a greater understanding of the challenges with adoption and deployment, and the benefits achieved from these platforms.

Key findings of the survey include:

  • IIoT platforms are integral to the future of industrial operations
  • Industrial companies often lack the needed data skills to fully take advantage of IIoT capabilities

Key recommendations of the survey include:

  • Avoid using a do-it-yourself approach to IIoT platform development
  • Digital twin technology should be a key element of your IIoT platform strategy

Note: A companion paper focused on asset performance management is in process and will be published later this year.


* Survey respondents were from the U.S., Canada, U.K., Germany, India, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia. Markets covered included manufacturing, chemicals and metals, oil and gas, and energy and power markets.

Using IIoT Platforms To Simplify Smart Device Deployment and Transform Operations

Forrester Study entitled Using IIoT Platforms to Simplify Smart Device Deployment and Transform Operations

Forrester Research Study

Successful implementation of IoT often requires software platforms to simplify the process of deploying, connecting, and controlling IoT enabled devices, as well as capturing data and insights from those devices. Industrial companies can benefit because they can shift from selling a piece of machinery to building lasting, service-based relationships with their customers.

Managing new IoT initiatives at industrial firms requires enterprise stakeholders to think differently about how they operate and manage their facilities, equipment, and machines.


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