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By connecting your machines and industrial big data, the Industrial Internet enables you to better understand your operations.What’s more, you can drive operations to their fullest potential based on key parameters such as market demand, weather conditions, plant environment, load balancing, and other business objectives.

To capture the full potential of optimization, you not only need to understand the current state of your operations, but also have the ability to predict what will happen before it occurs. While industrial machines have always issued early warnings, it was often in an inconsistent way and in a manner where details often crowded out the most critical information. The advent of networked machines with embedded sensors and advanced analytics tools has changed that reality.

Now you can leverage advanced analytics in context to predictions, providing real-time operational intelligence to the people who need it to make the best decisions. Thus, you have intelligent foresight to take the appropriate action and proactively avoid issues before they occur – a powerful capability that allows for continuous operation.

Solutions powered by the Industrial Internet can, for example, help you monitor processes and control loops. When a process is inefficient, you can quickly identify what has changed and why. You can get to the root cause of the issue, and gain better insight into your process and control problems to minimize deviations outside set parameters.

GE’s  business is making the Industrial Internet real. We help customers connect their machines, data, insights and people to improve performance, uptime and productivity. Our scalable, open standard control solutions bring the benefits of connected machines to your operations.

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