You may have heard, but if not… GE’s gone Digital.  We’re showing how one of the world’s largest, most established, industrial companies can transition into a leading digital industrial and top 10 software company by 2020. Going “digital” doesn’t just mean transformning our internal organization, it also means evolving the models we use to deliver value to our customers, and the way in which we engage with those customers.   

You may not know this but one of GE’s core beliefs is our “customers determine our success.”  This should not be a surprise to anyone—without successful customers, we cannot succeed. But this belief is easier said than done. Delivering what our customers need, at the right time, is the key to enabling them to also become leading digital industrial companies. In the last year, we’ve really focused and codefied our approach to enabling successful customers, and the following is just one of the steps in our evolution.

One step—outline a customer-centered journey

This is ours. Yours may be different, but all should include a few distinct characteristics:

  1. Define stages of software adoption in customers’ terms
  2. Outline success steps pre- and post software implementation
  3. Recognize the need for achieving success and delivering ongoing value


Customer Journey


The idea is to have a measurable, trackable  plan for successful adoption of innovative technology to ensure the promised value is delivered, and the transformation is actually taking place. We have found this approach critical for large enterprises who are serious about digitally disrupting their operations and business models. To get a better idea of the what our Customer Success Mangers do everyday, check out our “Day in the Life” blog from one of our team leaders.

Next time, I’ll tackle the next step in our customer success transformation—developing the plays that make the journey fluid. Stay tuned!

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David Kocher

Vice President, Customer Success

Acting as an internal customer advocate, I live by Diogenes' statement that “We have two ears and one tongue so that we would listen more and talk less.” I know listening can only do so much and action on your behalf is required to improve your daily experiences. Check out my posts where I seek your advice or share recent stories about enhancing customer experiences. Leave a reply on my most recent blog post or connect with me on LinkedIn if you have a powerful story to share or suggestion for the GE Digital team.

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