Helping Santa out on Christmas night is becoming an Industrial Internet tradition. His sleigh is now an intelligent machine, but this year Santa gets some help from someone who isn’t an elf.

'Twas the night before Christmas, and Santa was stoked,
Billions of presents to deliver, and that's no joke!
With numbers so big of naughty and nice,
A list and a sleigh just didn't suffice!

Last year Santa discovered the gift of Big Data
Now, his systems are all tested and well out of beta,
Santa’s workshop was stocked and all automated,
Presents sorted by child, and by where they were located.

The elves gathered data from sensors abound
The best route to take, they instantly found!
Santa was no longer trapped in an analogue past
He had joined the Information Age at last! 

Now all packages tracked as they went in the sleigh,
With live data on his dashboard, Santa prepped to fly away
The reindeer swooped up, high into the sky
Where airplanes zoomed, they would not collide!

The reindeer pranced from house to house.
With big data, the nice kids were all figured out.
Santa went down chimney after chimney
And returned to his perch on his sleigh rather nimbly.

Then from far down below, a beacon came through
Alert signals sounded, and a red light blinked, too.
Santa tapped on the screen, not quite sure what it meant,
Much less how it occurred that this signal was sent.

He was ready to call the elf CTO,
And find out what he had heard from below,
But just then a message came on the display,
And Santa found out what it was trying to say.

"I hope you don't mind that I reached out this way,
But I noticed your satellite starting to stray.
So I sent a code patch to the geo-locator
And lined it back up with the poles and equator."

Using dictation—he won't text while he flies—
He launched his thank you off through the skies.
With his upgraded app he made note on his list
So he'd remember to reward this assist.

Back at the North Pole the elves' tablets lit,
And quickly they worked to make a new gift.
With the help of geo-location and tracking,
They made sure it was ready before Christmas morning unpacking.

He delivered the package on one of his sweeps
To his lone non-elf helper, The Boy Who Beeps.
Sunlight was here, dawn was ready to break
So Santa hurriedly made his escape

Satisfied with his night of spreading good cheer,
Santa bid us goodbye ‘til the end of next year.
He considered the night a smashing success,
Assisted, again, by the Industrial Internet! 

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