At the Cloud Foundry Summit, I talked about a new concept we are testing out at GE Software. We have established something we’re calling the Industrial Dojo, in collaboration with the Cloud Foundry Foundation, to strengthen our efforts to solve the world’s biggest industrial challenges.

Dojo literally means a “place of the way.” In martial arts, it’s a training facility, and that's exactly how we view it as well. We made available some space at the Software Center in San Ramon where we can work with people from other companies or academia.

The Dojo is a unique space designed to facilitate collaboration. It allows us to work on things additions and improvement to Cloud Foundry stacks that serve the purpose of the industry at large.

The Cloud Foundry stack supports a bunch of ways to transfer data, such as around HTTP (the Internet’s widely used Hypertext Transfer Protocol). But in our industrial world, you need to be able to move things around much more efficiently and at a higher pace, and HTTP just doesn't cut it.

To solve that problem, we are working with Pivotal to create a “TCP Router” that will better equip Cloud Foundry to connect industrial machines with IT networks. By donating this innovation to the open source community, we will enable Cloud Foundry to be used in a variety of industrial applications. We intend to bring additional partners to the process to help build it, and then, we'll release it to the community.

This is a substantial and important investment for us. We’re dedicating some of our top people to driving innovation and committing the contribution to the community. We welcome you to join us in this and look forward to building out the ecosystem further.

About the author

Harel Kodesh

Vice President, Predix, and Chief Technology Officer, GE Digital

Kodesh joined GE from Nurego, where he served as chief executive officer and founder. Prior to starting Nurego in 2013, Kodesh served as executive vice president of EMC Corp.’s Cloud business and chief executive officer of Mozy, an EMC subsidiary. He also served as chief product officer of Amdocs from 2003 to 2008. He holds a Master of Science in electrical engineering from Technion – Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel.