Just as mobile platforms like iOS and Android catalyzed the breakneck evolution of virtually every aspect of life as a digital consumer, the industrial sector is in the midst of a similar upheaval. Embedded sensors, big data and digital modeling are turning fleets of “dumb” machines into smart, connected ecosystems, and driving tremendous efficiencies in the process.

Around the world, heavy asset operators of all stripes — from equipment manufacturers to freight companies — are unlocking new business models, driving increased productivity and realizing maximum value from their investments by harnessing the revolutionary capabilities of the industrial internet.

Watching these exciting developments from the sidelines, many companies naturally wonder how they too can get in on the action. To help these organizations find their footing in what’s already been termed the fourth industrial revolution, GE will return to Hannover Messe in April to shine light on the ongoing digital transformation of the industrial sector.

Inaugurated in 1947 as an effort by the British government to spur economic development in postwar Germany, Hannover Messe has long been a proving ground for bold ideas in the industrial world. Staged in a factory building south of Hanover, the original event proved to be a huge success and subsequently grew to become the world’s largest annual industrial fair. The fair marks its 70th anniversary this year, and themes of innovation and transformation continue to stand front and center.

At its booth in Hall 12, D50, GE will showcase its own transformation into a digital industrial company, as well as the journeys of several customers who’ve adopted these technologies and successfully deployed them at scale. These include global leaders like Altran, Dell EMC, Deloitte, EY and Intel, as well as European partners DB Cargo and Schindler.  

Representatives will be on hand to guide attendees through an experiential installation designed as a crash course in how GE activates its portfolio through the Digital Thread. By activating digital along the value chain—connecting fabrication, operation, maintenance and field services, and feeding the full chain of insights back to the source, industrial companies can streamline datasets into a unified, holistic view of asset performance, providing operators full insight beginning at the design stage, through production, all the way to deployment in the field.

Booth visitors will also be able to get an inside look at a variety of other cutting edge technologies and initiatives underway at GE. These include a live demo of GE’s additive machine, which leverages the latest advances in materials science. GE Digital’s Asset Performance Management (APM) suite of solutions will also be on display, offering attendees a firsthand view at the myriad ways APM is able to mitigate unplanned downtime, extend asset life, and optimize maintenance schedules.    

Hannover will also showcase Industry 4.0, which looks at the way products are made, and the uses of specific technology, such as robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), and additive manufacturing to improve productivity and competitiveness in factories. The Industrial Internet overlaps with manufacturing by creating a digital thread that runs through how these products are made, but also how they are used.

We’re excited to showcase this digital industrial transformation and hope to see you in Hall 12! Learn more about GE and Hannover Messe.                 

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Deborah Sherry

General Manager and Chief Commercial Officer, GE Digital Europe

Deborah Sherry is the General Manager and Chief Commercial Office of GE Digital in Europe.  Her mission is to deliver the next industrial revolution – Industry 4.0.  Her division delivers cloud-based solutions that connect industry, transforming industrial businesses into digital industrial businesses by generating insights from machines and translating data to intelligence to drive step-change improvement in productivity. Deborah leads the GE Digital business in Europe, driving strategy, sales, service, marketing and operational activities.

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