CNBC recently broadcast an hour-long documentary examining how the Industrial Internet is changing everything from healthcare and transportation to household and city management. According to the show's producers, “Host Melissa Lee experiences firsthand the impact of this brave new world—its promise and its perils—and discovers how the future of the Internet has already arrived. Today, there are more devices than people connected to the Internet, and that number is expected to rise to 25 billion by 2015.”

The hour-long program goes around the world to visit Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children, Rio de Janeiro’s new operations center for the World Cup and Summer Olympics, and other sites touched by the Industrial Internet. Along the way, Lee takes a spin in a driverless car and gets a behind-the-scenes look at “smart home” technology.

In addition, GE partnered with Academy Award-winning documentarian filmmakers to showcase the power of brilliant machines. Four 90-second documentaries highlight how GE is employing the power of the Industrial Internet in major industries such as healthcare, aviation, and energy.

Watch the GE’s four mini-documentaries here. Rise of the Machines will be accessible on the same site next week and will air again on Wednesday, October 9, at 8pm ET.

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