Meet Ethan Reese. Twenty-something, sarcastic, cocky – and a very talented developer.
He’s bored at his job coding tweaks to a popular kids game, so he spends all his free time hanging out at an incubator focused on the Industrial Internet. And after working on projects using GE Predix, Ethan is dreaming of bigger things.
Then a 7.4 magnitude earthquake hits San Francisco and changes everything. Ethan thinks his moonlighting work could help in recovery efforts – and his life takes a new direction.
Truth be told, you can’t really meet Ethan. He’s a fictional character in our new podcast series, Pivot. And obviously, San Francisco is still standing.
But we all know people like Ethan, and we think his Industrial Internet journey will spark the imagination of developers around the world and spur them (and you) to learn more about the opportunities made possible by Predix.
As GE Software heads toward making our cloud platform for the Industrial Internet available to all in 2016, we're working to spread the word and inspire visionary developers to think about what they would build with Predix. Like our Predix in Action virtual reality experiences, Pivot highlights the possibilities and opportunities of the new digital industrial era.
So, give Episode 1 a listen. And subscribe to Pivot for new installments every two weeks. Each segment will combine the story of Ethan and his cohort with appearances by real industry and technology leaders appearing as themselves. It’s this mix of entertainment and information that’s led us to characterize Pivot as “the semi-fictional podcast about very real opportunity.”
And like Ethan, don’t be shy about letting us know what you think. Email, tweet, post, blog. We want to hear from you.

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John Perry

Content Marketing Director, GE Digital