The global transportation sector accounts for approximately seven percent of all global economic activity. And while vehicle telematics and fuel management technologies are nothing new, the Industrial Internet has the ability to drastically change the way we think about fleet management.

“Using today’s technology, the ability to take cost out of best-in-class fleet operations is reaching a point of diminishing returns,” writes Mike Antich in the August 2 edition of Automotive Fleet magazine. “An Industrial Internet or ‘Internet for Everything’ offers the promise to extract incremental savings, hither-to not possible. Isn’t this the foundation of effective fleet management to reduce cost and increase productivity using innovative applications?”

"Imagine what we can learn from the millions of vehicles on the road and all of the data coming out of those vehicles all day long, every single day — on the driver, the route, and the vehicle itself,” said Kristi Webb, president and CEO of GE Capital Fleet Services. “There will be so much data that can be digested, assimilated, and aggregated that it’s going to be able to help companies, not just fleet managers, run their fleets as a work tool much more efficiently and change the way they do business.”

Transportation fleets are critical links in the supply and distribution chain associated with manufacturing and energy production. The Industrial Internet will help optimize the timing and the flow of goods. In commercial and public sector fleet operations, there are further opportunities for optimizing operations and assets by eliminating waste, while improving driver productivity, service levels, and safety.

"We’ll always be an industry rooted in strong relationships and customer service, and I think we’re going to forge stronger relationships and offer even better service through proactive, predictive analytics," concludes Webb.

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