What can big iron companies learn about the Industrial Internet from a consumer business like McDonald’s? A lot about comprehensive, company-wide use of analytics, according to a recent article from BigData-Startups.

With annual revenue of $27 billion and more than 750,000 employees, McDonald’s operates 34,000+ local restaurants serving more than 69 million people in 118 countries each day. The corporation’s daily traffic is 62 million customers, and they sell approximately 75 burgers every second. McDonald’s is a huge company. Americans alone consume one billion pounds of beef at McDonald’s in a year.

McDonald’s has long been an information-centric organization that makes data-driven decisions. The information derived from its predictive analytics is used to make iterations across design, information, and people practices. McDonald’s then uses analytics to find the trade-offs of the changes made in order to find the optimal solution for design, information, and people.

For example, McDonald’s tracks and analyses vast amounts of variables to improve the company and the customer experience. They track in-store traffic, customer interactions, flow throughs in the drive-thrus, ordering patterns, point-of-sales data, video data, and sensor data. Information derived from this data is used to make iterations in the design of the restaurants, introduce variations in the menus, and optimize their training program and their supply-chain. As such, although all McDonald’s around the world look the same, each restaurant is slightly different as they are optimized using all that data for the local market.

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