Humans need water to survive. It’s a simple concept, and one that many people take for granted. Most don’t realize, however, that water and wastewater processing requires highly technical and meticulous procedures.

Effective water and process operations depend on data being transformed into meaningful and actionable information – knowledge management. GE Water & Process Technologies is harnessing the power of the Industrial Internet to develop solutions that drive sustainability, reliability, and profitability by easing operational challenges.

InSight* is GE’s cloud-based knowledge management platform that captures data from water and process operations and translates it into valuable information via data visualization tools, mobile collaboration devices, with intuitive user interfaces. It supports informed decision making by providing operators with real-time data, which is critical for the ever-changing industrial water treatment system.  

A live public webcast featuring thought leaders from MIT, Praxair, and GE highlighted how advanced analytics, combined with the power of people with deep domain expertise, can deliver intelligent data to improve the management of water and process chemicals. Webcast panelists included Kevin Cassidy, the global business leader for the Chemical & Monitoring Solutions (CMS) segment of GE Power & Water, Water & Process Technologies; Sanjay Sarma, the director of digital learning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and Victor Rioli, the worldwide reliability director in global operations excellence for Praxair, a world-leading industrial gases company.

Empowering Industrial Change 
Did you know that 75 billion gallons of US industrial water is wasted every day? Optimizing plant operations reduces waste, saves money, helps the environment, and provides companies with a competitive advantage.

Advances in big data are creating new and exciting opportunities for water and wastewater applications, but many barriers exist to the full adoption of Industrial Internet solutions. What do you do with all the information you gather? How can you guarantee that a knowledge management solution will package the information in an effective manner?

GE Water & Process Technologies has vast experience working with customers and service engineers to improve operations by looking at and identify trends, issues, and potential problems. With the opening of GE’s Service Reliability Centers in the US, China, and Belgium, more than 15,000 customer assets are being protected by GE’s InSight platform.

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The webcast is available on demand and provides insight into these and other important topics regarding the Industrial Internet.   For a complete replay of “Big Data = Big Opportunity: A Live Discussion about how the Industrial Internet can Improve Water and Process Chemicals Management,” click here. The trailer version is also available here.  

  1. Meet the panelists
  2. Barriers to adoption
  3. Cyber security management
  4. Knowledge management and data analytics
  5. Where will this leading technology take us?
  6. Improving monitoring & analytic technology
  7. Government’s role in Industrial Internet
  8. Environmental impact and training requirements
  9. Maintaining a competitive edge

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