Over the last seven years, Minds + Machines has become the gathering place for the brightest digital minds who are driving industry forward—positioning the event as the Industrial Internet conference of the year. And this year’s event will be no different. Minds + Machines 2018 will showcase the future of industry, software, and innovation that’s driving extraordinary business outcomes for industrial organizations. Going back to our industrial roots, this premier event will be hosted at Pier 27 in San Francisco from October 30 – 31. 

As our customers continue to mature through their digital transformation journeys, so do we. 

Minds + Machines 2018 will demonstrate the latest insights on how to become a future-ready industrial company by digitizing production, driving operational intelligence, and mastering service delivery. Together, we will continue to disrupt the value chain behind industrial equipment.

10 reasons to attend Minds + Machines 2018

Attendees will get to experience GE’s integrated ecosystem of machines, people, and software first-hand through insightful keynotes, informative sessions, hands-on demos, and technical trainings. Here are the top 10 takeaways you can expect at this year’s Minds + Machines:

  1. Learn how to embrace digital transformation to improve efficiency and move beyond automation
  2. Experience how GE is building industrial applications that enable digital transformation and create intelligent systems
  3. Hear GE leadership discuss the growth of digital and its $7 trillion opportunity over the next decade
  4. Leverage GE’s Predix portfolioto turn machine data into valuable insights that unlock powerful business outcomes
  5. Reimagine your business models by enabling insights-led product innovation
  6. Explore how to close the gap between the outlook for digital transformation and the actions needed to make it happen
  7. Discover how GE is bringing together traditional and digital businesses to make customers more successful
  8. Engage with a community of customers, partners, industrial leaders, and technology experts who are driving industry
  9. Connect with digital industrial leaders who make innovation part of their everyday work
  10. Disrupt the value chain behind industrial equipment by activating the applications that are powering it


It’s time to master digital to compete in the future—are you ready? Register for Minds + Machines before July 11th to take advantage of our early bird rate and save $300.

Minds + Machines 2018

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Register before July 11 for our early bird rate

In today’s asset-centric world, GE is building an integrated ecosystem that’s driving toward a common goal—higher productivity and better outcomes for customers. At the seventh annual Minds + Machines, you’ll get to experience this robust ecosystem of machines, people, and software through insightful keynotes, informative sessions, hands-on demos, and technical trainings. Together, we will continue to disrupt the value chain behind industrial equipment.

Are you ready to become an industrial disruptor?


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