Leaders bringing the Industrial Internet to market were on hand earlier this week at GE’s Industrial Big Data Summit in San Francisco. Vice President of GE Software Bill Ruh spoke with Silicon Angle’s John Furrier about real world applications of big data, intelligent machines, and the Industrial Internet.

Check out the interview to learn more about combining real-time information from machines in the field with “data lakes,” or large reservoirs of stored information, and purpose built applications. Ruh also talks about the business market for this emerging technology and his work with industry leaders to find the best applications.

Also included are interviews from other GE leaders and partners including, Accenture’s internal Cloud expert Jack Sepple, who is working with GE Software to develop business solutions for clients.

For more, including a panel with Pivotal’s Scott Yara, Amazon’s Werner Vogels, and the announcement of GE Predictivity™, GE’s new brand for Industrial Internet solutions, visit: http://www.ge.com/about-us/industrialcloud

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