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Monitoring and control of operational communication networks and services

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Transforming communication infrastructure data into network and service intelligence

Sentinel | Utilities Communications software | screenshot | GE Digital

Meeting the needs of today's telecom providers

A major challenge in implementing Operational Communication Networks is how to operate and maintain an evolving, multi-technology, multi-vendor telecom infrastructure to deliver services with a guaranteed level of quality for multiple groups of users with different service requirements. GE’s Sentinel is a multi-vendor telecom management platform, designed to fulfill the requirements of electrical power utilities’ operational communication networks.


  • Monitoring of network faults and framework for managing O&M, Quality of Service and User SLA obligations
  • Driving operational decisions to restore services
  • Notify users of potential service impacts, and meet KPIs and performance metrics.

Bridging the gap between data and intelligence

Lower cost of ownership

Improved visualization

Enable service metrics and performance indicators

Prompt fault localization

End-to-end availability

Monitoring and measurement

An integrated approach to monitoring network infrastructures

Sentinel | Utilities Communications software | screenshot | GE Digital

Sentinel is a vendor-agnostic management platform designed to fulfill the requirements of power utilities’ operational communications, by providing a platform that aggregates, integrates, correlates and visualizes communication network data, in real-time, from multiple sub-systems, into one dashboard view.


This new visualization of data can then be utilized to drive critical and actionable business and operational decisions to meet KPIs and contractual Communication Quality metrics.

Drive critical business and operational decisions


Enhanced operator awareness and proactive management

Integrates data from multiple systems into a single platform providing for visualization, fault analysis and incident management


Documented & formal communication service delivery

Produce user dashboards, service reports and impact notifications to each group of service users


Structured framework for network information

Versatile and scalable platform with a low cost of ownership storing generic information on events and assets over a user-friendly interface


Integrated approach to monitoring of network infrastructures

Enable information transfer between various network operation functions and different sub-networks.


Comprehensive cyber security

Assure access control and log management for the platform and hence integrity and availability of services