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Fleet Orchestration: Maximize use of renewables, reliably

AI/ML software to effectively integrate renewables - Fleet Orchestration is the next-generation stochastic modeling and production planning software to seamlessly integrate renewables.

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Fleet Orchestration software for power generators
Fleet Orchestration software for power generators

Are you curtailing often and overusing fossil fuels? Simple modeling techniques used for dispatching thermal and renewable assets are not able to keep up with the complexity. Reducing uncertainty requires AI and stochastic modeling to account for the increasingly complexity to optimize dispatch.


Thrive in your energy transition journey. Accelerate carbon reduction targets with existing assets and help secure a mixed-generation fleet’s future ability to reliably meet demand.

Commit. Confidently.

Empower your plant, marketing, and grid operations teams with advanced technology for performance predictions and stochastic unit commitment to prepare for handling more renewables in the future.



Comprehensive software enabling fast, reliable, and sustainable dispatch planning.


  • Fast runtime stochastic optimizer
  • AI/ML predictions of generation and demand
  • Easy integration with EMS

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Learn more about Fleet Orchestration for your organization streamline the workflow, productivity, fuel savings and carbon reduction.