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Generation Management Software - Fleet Orchestration

Maximize use of renewables, reliably with Generation Management Software, leveraging AI/ML and stochastic modeling to seamlessly integrate renewables.

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Fleet Orchestration software for power generators

Are you curtailing often and overusing fossil fuels?

Lack of visibility to accurate generation data results in over committing units and excess system reserve in order to maintain grid stability.  Empower your marketers and grid operators with generation management technology to handle the growing complexity of the grid. 

Confident Unit Commitment

Fleet Orchestration for utility fleet management automates capacity predictions and integrates day-ahead planning, marketing, and real-time operations.  


Fleet orchestration software capabilities
*Unit Commitment Optimizer, Fuel Nominations, Outage Scheduling Advice all powered by Performance Prediction digital twins


Generation Management Software

Capacity prediction

Performance Predictions

Generation and capacity predictions used globally on 20GW of power generation equipment. Digital twin technology that continuously updates the performance model based on real- time operations of each power plant.


  • Real-time visibility of capacity with generation and capacity across the utility fleet
  • Automates week-ahead, day-of, hour-ahead and 15min-ahead visibility for each unit, block, and plant in the fleet
  • Offers diagnostic analysis for all types of power generation, helping utilities identify good and bad actors
  • Available for thermal and renewable energy predictions
Unit commitment optimization

Unit Commitment Optimizer

Maximize use of renewable assets without sacrificing reliability with availability informed stochastic generation predictions.


  • Fast runtime stochastic optimizer with real-time recommendations
  • AI/ML predictions of generation and demand
  • Easy integration with EMS
  • Automated workflows


Generation management software


Gas fuel nominations

Gas Fuel Nominations

Stop paying excess costs coming from penalties and overpaying for gas.


  • Automates fuel demand projections to reduce costs
  • Based on prediction of day-ahead award using performance predictions, predicted gas and hourly energy clearing prices
  • Advises the likely fuel to be required each hour for the next several Gas days
Power outage scheduling

Outage Scheduling Advice

Understand the impact of forecasted operations on outage scheduling with recommendations on how to use peak fire most profitably and manage risk to outage timing.


  • Automates tracking and provides web-based views of gas turbine operation calculations
  • Understand impact of op plan on outages
  • Recommendations on how to use peak fire most profitably
  • Recommendations to manage risk to outage timing

Thrive in your Energy Transition Journey

Reducing uncertainty requires AI and stochastic modeling software to account for the increasingly complexity to optimize dispatch. Accelerate carbon reduction targets with existing assets and help secure a mixed-generation fleet’s future ability to reliably meet demand.


Comprehensive software enabling fast, reliable, and sustainable dispatch planning

Fast runtime stochastic optimizer.  AI/ML predictions of generation and demand.  Easy integration with EMS.


Taking Unit Commitment to the Next Level

How Fleet Orchestration Helps Maximize Renewable Energy, Reliably


How Advanced AI & Modeling Solutions Are Improving Renewable Energy Generation

Empower your plant, marketing, and grid operations teams with advanced technology for performance predictions and stochastic unit commitment.


What are analysts saying about Fleet Orchestration?

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Reduce your carbon footprint and fuel spend with generation management software.

Streamline your workflow from day-head planning to real-time planning to reduce your carbon footprint and fuel spend.