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Proficy Operations Analytics Software

Increase efficiency with cloud-based predictive analytics

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Proficy Operational Analytics Software

Uncover hidden efficiencies and operationalize at enterprise scale with operations analytics software

Proficy Operations Analytics for Predictive Analytics in the Cloud | GE Digital

Measurable improvement in days with out-of-the-box analytics apps

Imagine if you could have advance warning and automated diagnosis of quality, production, downtime, and asset reliability problems?


Cloud-based operations analytics software makes it possible. Out-of-the-box predictive analytics apps make it easy – no data scientist required.


Proficy Operations Analytics is a proven self-provisioning, ready-to-deploy SaaS-based predictive operations center for industrial IoT and AI.


This cloud analytics solution helps operations, engineering, and executive teams gain data visibility, uncover efficiencies, and operationalize proactive actions at enterprise scale.

Proficy Operations Analytics to improve operational performance | Screenshot | GE Digital

Supercharge your continuous improvement

Within minutes of connecting Proficy Operations Analytics software to OT and maintenance data sources, users achieve visibility to insights that can improve operations and revenue performance.


Experience Proficy Operations Analytics software with a no-risk pilot and a typical payback in less than 60 days.


With Proficy Operations Analytics software, you:


  • Get data and visibility in minutes
  • Achieve actionable insights in hours
  • Operationalize and scale in days

Benefits of Proficy Operations Analytics Software

Increase quality and uptime

Achieve advance warning and automated diagnosis of quality, production, downtime, and reliability problems

Drive enterprise-wide optimization

Increase efficiency across your plants with proven cloud-based predictive analytics

Standardize process changes

Automate and scale continuous improvement to accelerate results globally

Achieve operations precision

Gain the ability to visualize, analyze, optimize, and execute with a closed-loop solution

Speed time to value

Leverage pre-built applications for faster time to value

Reduce costs

Use predictive analytics to improve energy efficiency, decrease waste, and minimize rework

Features of Proficy Operations Analytics Software

Proficy Operations Analytics | Data Visibility | screenshot| GE Digital

Get data and visibility in minutes

  • 100+ industrial pre-built data agents that automatically connect to historians, PLCs, MES, SCADA, ERP, Lab DBs, IoT devices in a secure-by-design, frictionless way


  • Automated normalization of disparate properties for immediate analysis


  • Self-provisioning process configures Digital Twins automatically to add the context required to automate analytics on all process and event data
Proficy Operations Analytics comes with pre-built applications | GE Digital

Get insights in hours to optimize operations

  • Add logical, no-code workflows to add context to production assets and processes


  • 30 pre-built industrial predictive applications easily assigned to Digital Twins without any data science or app dev requirements


  • Ability to “configure once, deploy automatically” propagates thousands of unique, personalized insights across assets and process


  • Select refined data to recommended Model Template and let the Model Factory train the Model
Operationalize and Scale with Proficy Operations Analytics screenshot | GE Digital

Operationalize and scale in days

  • Systematically transform analytics outcomes to no-code workflows that can automate critical processes


  • Digital Threads route actions to users, systems or equipment


  • Operators and engineers can scale preventative setpoint adjustments across all industrial contexts


  • Surface the economic impact of operatizing actions to executives via curated datasets that are easily visualized via traditional analytics dashboards

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