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iFIX Productivity Tools: Video Demos

Free enhancements for iFIX

Industrial engineer using iFIX productivity tools for HMI/SCADA visibility

Lower total cost of ownership, improve usability and make operations easier, faster and more robust

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The events list is a comprehensive and permanent record of SCADA activity. It includes a chronological and searchable record of operator actions and system activity such as alarms, operator actions, event messages and more. Operators can also add their observations to specific events or even their own text messages. With advanced filtering capabilities and quick filtering on location and device, it is easy to access historical events from any period. The events lists helps with auditing operator actions for security and accountability.


  • A permanent, searchable, chronological record of operator actions and system activity, including: alarms, operator actions, event messages and more
  • Advanced filtering
  • Quick filtering on location and device
  • Immediate access to historical events from any period
  • Operators can add observations to specific events
  • Operators can add their own text messages into events
  • Provides auditing of operator actions for security and accountability
Menu Navigation
Menu Navigation
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The Productivity Tools Menu is simple and intuitive for users, providing a complete navigation system for iFIX. The menu includes recognizable functions like “Back," “Forward," “Home," and “Favorites” as the standard though it is completely user configurable. Users can navigate to any picture or iFIX configuration tool—database manager, workspace, or mission control—as long as they have access. This feature makes iFIX more user-friendly and easier to learn and operate for simpler, faster, and more efficient day-to-day operations.


  • Compact navigation reduces clutter from your view so that you can focus on what matters most
  • Ability to configure your views to suit your needs by adjusting size, position, content, structure, buttons, icons, and labels
  • Consistent navigation is easily maintained
  • Navigation can be added effortlessly to existing systems without needing to reconfigure pictures
  • The menu editor eliminates the need for scripting or programming
Alarm Summary
Alarm Summary
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A central responsibility for any operator is the ability to quickly identify and effectively respond to exception conditions within the system. Productivity Tools provides operators with enhanced alarm management features for effective alarm management. It includes a multitude of alarm notification and management functionality that helps increase operator awareness, reduce alarm flooding, decrease response time, and improve system reliability, including:


  • Visual and audible notification
  • Historical logging
  • Group, area, and priority categories
  • Advanced filtering and sorting
Tab Displays
Tab Displays
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Tab Displays

Tab displays are a high-data density, low-clutter interface for equipment information and supplementary resources. The number, content and labels of each tab are completely flexible and customizable. Tabs can include any graphics content, or iFIX pictures you need, plus other supported Windows formats such as PDF documents, diagrams, and ActiveX controls.


Tab displays provide:

  • A modern look and feel
  • Improved ease-of-use for operators
  • Consistent user interface for all types of equipment—from pump to conveyor to process line, to well head to generator
  • Fast access to all information, without information overload
  • Fast operations via centralized controls, information, and tools
  • Reduced screen clutter that reduces operator fatigue, enhancing operations and safety
  • Complete customization of tabs and content to any customer requirement
  • Fast and consistent configuration for multiple equipment types
Pan and Zoom
Pan and Zoom
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Pan and Zoom

With Pan and Zoom, picture interaction enhancements enable operators to quickly transition between macro and micro overviews of all operations and connected sites. Operators can quickly and easily drill down into a specific site or area of the system to interact with individual devices or monitor smaller areas in detail.


Features include:

  • Zoom in or out by dragging the mouse up or down the picture
  • Zoom in by drawing a rectangle over an area of interest
  • Step zoom in or out
  • Adjustable graphics layering at different zoom levels
  • Panning by dragging the picture in any direction
  • Return to full screen


iFIX Productivity Tools screen interactions provide a more intuitive operator interface. These enhancements make operators more effective by avoiding information overload and enabling them to manage the information on screen while quickly and easily having the ability to access detailed information.

Extend and accelerate the capabilities of iFIX

Benefits of iFIX Productivity Tools

Lower total cost of ownership

Improve ease of use

Facilitate safer operations

Enhance operational intelligence

Extend the life of your iFIX system

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