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iFIX Complete

Get all the clients you need – plus our world-class reliability

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Don't sacrifice reliability for “unlimited clients”

With iFIX Complete, you get it all.


At GE Digital, we know that claims about “unlimited clients” are attractive. We also know that to maintain stable, reliable operations, you need a truly world-class HMI/SCADA such as iFIX.


That’s why GE Digital is offering iFIX Complete – all the clients that you need at one, cost-effective price, delivering the proven HMI/SCADA and historian innovation used today by companies in nearly every industrial segment and every part of the world.


$14,700* (USD).  Ready to buy?


Contact your representative for pricing in your local currency


*Specifications, list price, and offer are subject to change without notice. The iFIX Complete offer cannot be combined with any other offers, promotions, pricing policies, or iFIX packages. iFIX Clients included with iFIX Complete may only be used with the HMI/SCADA server included with the iFIX Complete purchase.

All the clients you need – without the risk

iFIX HMI SCADA software by GE Digital | Highly extensible architecture | mobile worker screenshot

Need more clients? No problem. But, don’t put your equipment or plant at risk with software from other vendors that can become unstable with each Java update. GE understands the need for reliability; we’re an industrial organization, just like you. And we know HMI/SCADA.


Don’t make any sacrifices. Get reliability along with all the clients and core SCADA and historian capabilities that you need with iFIX Complete.

Why iFIX Complete?

All the tools you need

Ready, set, go for your single-server HMI/SCADA project

One proven package

Connectivity, Visualization, Data Logging, Notification, Analysis, and more

A real historian, not just RDB

Analyst-recommended historian capabilities including data analysis tools

Did we mention clients?

Add as many clients as you want

Superior reliability and stability

Proven and trusted – unlike SCADA vendors with Java-update issues


Easily swap client types due to architectural changes

One, economical price

Simple ordering for everything you need.


iFIX Complete features

iFIX HMI/SCADA from GE Digital | High performance HMI softwareiFIX HMI/SCADA from GE Digital | High performance HMI software

iFIX Complete includes:


  • iFIX Plus Development/Runtime HMI/SCADA with 10,000 tags
  • SCADA data logging capability with redundancy available
  • iClient and iClient TS – As many iClients of any type as required per server
  • IGS Basic – all protocol families, more than 200
  • WIN-911 Essentials for alarm notification


Note: Number of clients can affect performance. While you may choose your number of clients without limit, architect systems to available server resources and your desired performance. 

iFIX HMI/SCADA software from GE Digital | screenshot of intelligent alarming

Options Available to Meet Specific Requirements


  • Redundancy: Ensure the highest uptime and availability by adding a second iFIX SCADA server for an additional 50%
  • Electronic Signature: Perfect for Life Sciences/Pharmaceutical and other compliance-related applications
  • Acceleration Plans: Take advantage of GE Digital’s award-winning Support
  • Industrial Data Management: Scale with Proficy Historian’s Standard or Enterprise versions
  • Notifications: Maximize functionality with WIN-911 Ultimate
  • Connectivity: Premium drivers available
  • Reporting: #1 industrial reporting software Dream Report


For technical requirements, see iFIX product documentation.

Need a larger iFIX system?

Check out all the capabilities of our robust iFIX software. See why thousands of customers use iFIX to increase operator productivity.


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iFIX Results

iFIX helps food & beverage manufacturers increase performance | GE Digital

With tens of thousands of installations around the world, an experienced network of system integrators, decades of rich development, and reliability that isn’t constrained by Java updates, iFIX is the trusted HMI/SCADA for your organization. Here are some real results achieved by iFIX customers:



  • $5 million saved per year through improved quality
  • Zero downtime
  • $7 million in cost avoidance per year
  • 35% decrease in product waste
  • 80% decrease in emissions
  • 5% increase in productivity
  • 25% decrease in defects
  • 20% decrease in investigation time
  • 5% increase in production

Our customers tell the story best

Want to see even more results?  Hear from our iFIX customers.

Let GE Digital show you the power of iFIX Complete