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OPM Production & Process Optimization

Delivers continuous process optimization either guided or completely automated, assuring product quality, reduced waste and process improvement

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Gain continuous process optimization

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OPM Production & Process Optimization

OPM Production and Process Optimization, part of Predix Operations Performance Management (Predix OPM), enables Process Engineers to be more efficient and effective by deploying cloud to edge optimizers for either closed loop, automated edge process setpoint optimization, or open loop guided operations decision support and action recommendations to operations personnel. OPM Production and Process Optimization uses Prescriptive Analytics to enable operations personnel to ensure consistent, optimal operations performance.  

Benefits of Production & Process Optimization

Cloud to Edge optimization

Deployed both on-premises and in the cloud enables real-time monitoring and optimization of processing units avoiding network delays

Continuous process optimization

Leveraging the insights provided by process digital twins, variability of process materials and processing units can be proactively optimized increasing yields

Deploy best practices across the enterprise

Enable Process Engineers to develop and centralize an enterprise operational knowledge base of process optimizations that can be shared across lines and sites.

Features of OPM Production & Process Optimization

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Guided Decision Support KPI Optimizers

Using insights from OPM Operational Intelligence and Process Digital Twins, the Production & Process Optimization module provides in-depth analysis and recommendations to Process Engineers and process unit operators to adjust material formulas and process unit settings to adapt to changing material and environmental conditions to ensure product quality to achieve production targets, while reducing waste and cost.

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Closed Loop Automated Edge KPI Optimizers

Building upon the capabilities of Guided Decision Support, the Production and Process Optimization module is also able, given the appropriate integrations, to automatically make formula and process unit adjustments in real-time to adapt to changing material and environmental conditions, delivering the highest, consistent quality and yields.

Predix Operations Performance Management | Process Optimization | GE Digital | Screenshot

Operationalize and Scale Analytics

The Production & Process Optimization module operationalizes and scales the capabilities and benefits of machine learning, artificial intelligence and prescriptive analytics across the enterprise value chain providing the foundation for sustained and continuous operational optimization increasing throughput, yields and operational efficiency and profitability.

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