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OPM Operational Intelligence

Increase operational efficiencies by monitoring and identifying anomalies and deviations in process material and process unit KPIs

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Gain operations performance visibility - anytime, anywhere

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OPM Operational Intelligence

Operational Intelligence, one of the three OPM applications, helps customers increase operating efficiencies by automatically identifying and discovering causes of anomalies and deviations in business KPIs. This is enabled by access to real-time time series data, process-performance indicators, and the latest in descriptive and diagnostic analytics.  Real-time visibility to operations issues, like out of spec control loop performance, enables process engineers to quickly identify and address issues early, maximizing production and profits.

Benefits of Operational Intelligence

Visualize process performance

Bring data from operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) systems together with material quality and process unit events, to give a contextualized view of process performance.

Automated insights

Monitor and diagnose process and product quality and yield issues using the latest in descriptive and diagnostic analytics to maintain the highest operational standards and process performance.

Process Engineer Collaboration

Resolve operational issues and identify opportunities for process improvement then collaborate with colleagues on site or at other locations to share and systematize best practices.

Features of OPM Operational Intelligence

Operations Performance Management | Operational Intelligence screenshot | GE Digital

Benchmark operational KPIs

OPM Operational Intelligence brings together IT and OT data to determine and report the current yield and quality of the process against operational KPIs. It provides deviation detection by calculating metrics and delivering rule-based exceptions. Operational Intelligence enables operations personnel to understand how and why their operations are performing as they are.

Operations Performance Management | Operational Intelligence screenshot | GE Digital

Process Troubleshooter

With elements deployed both on premises and in the Cloud, a key capability of OPM Operational Intelligence is Process Troubleshooter which provides Process Engineers with an interactive tool enabling them to pull in and analyze material and process information to determine a problem’s root cause and quickly determine remediation and corrective actions.

OPM Operational Intelligence with industrial workers | GE Digital

Case collaboration

Case Collaboration Framework enables Process Engineers to collaborate with colleagues and solution and service partners, across functions, to resolve operational issues, then identify opportunities for improvement.  The system continuously captures knowledge and experiences to build an operational knowledge base related to the process enabling other Process Engineers on site or across the enterprise to contribute and share best practices.

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