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OPM Forecasting & What-if Analysis

Use scenario analysis and prescriptive Process Digital Twins of operations and production processes to reduce waste and increase yields

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Use insights to proactively manage process variability

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OPM Forecasting & What-if Analysis

OPM Forecasting & What-if Analysis, part of Predix Operations Performance Management (Predix OPM), enables process engineers to understand and proactively resolve process issues, thereby planning for better operating outcomes.  Predictive process digital twins and analytics, coupled with what-if scenario analysis, forecast operating results to predict process issues before problems occur.  By quickly addressing process anomalies, OPM Forecasting & What-if Analysis, provides the information and tools to predict and optimize product quality to increase yields.

Benefits of Forecasting & What-if Analysis

Operationalize process digital twins

Leveraging Machine Learning, process engineers deploy process digital twins that capture and model process behavior to identify and recommend corrective action.

Forecast operational KPI performance

Using predictive and diagnostic analytics, process engineers are able to assess process variability to plan and respond more accurately.

Proactive decision making

By comparing current process metrics against a process twin process engineers are able to predict product quality early and take corrective action

Features of OPM Forecasting & What-if Analysis

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Process Digital Twins

Predictive process digital twin analytics in the Forecasting & What-if Analysis module enable Process Engineers to continuously monitor for process anomalies or deviations from expected process quality, throughput or ‘golden batch’ outcomes.  As a result, staff are immediately aware of predicted quality issues hours or days before production completion to identify the root cause and take corrective action.

GE OPM | Forecasting and What if simulation screenshot | GE Digital

Forecast KPI Performance

Leveraging predictive Process Digital Twins, Process Engineers are able to forecast KPI performance to predict output, quality and yield issues early to take corrective action.

GE OPM | Forecasting and What if simulation screenshot | GE Digital

Scenario Analysis

Beyond providing awareness and insights to operational or process deviations, the Forecasting & What-if Analysis module provides powerful ‘what-if’ analysis tools to Process Engineers to enable them to evaluate various scenarios by simulating changes in raw material parameters or adjusting process unit settings. 

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