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Operations Performance Management (OPM) for Power Generation

Increase revenue and margins with visibility, insights, decision support and advanced edge controls to optimize performance across your generation fleet

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Operations Performance Management software assists power generators | GE DigitalOperations Performance Management software assists power generators | GE Digital

What is Operations Performance Management?

Operations Performance Management (OPM) Software | software screenshot | GE Digital

Operations Performance Management (OPM) improves the performance of plants, sites, and generation portfolios with Performance Intelligence, Production Planning and Performance Optimization. 


Enabled by secure edge-to-cloud technology and built on the Predix Platform, OPM analyzes historical data, plant operations and other data sources to monitor and diagnose issues or areas of improvement, predict capacity and its cost to improve day ahead and intraday planning, deliver executable advice or close the loop and drive desired outcomes for improved efficiency, flexibility, capacity and emissions. 

See Operations Performance Management in Action

Check out our OPM video demo series.  See for yourself the power of OPM to reduce costs, streamline processes and unify your operations.

Realize the power of Operations Performance Management

Maximize productivity

Maximize plant production and margins through efficient and flexible production planning and performance monitoring and diagnostics processes.

Accelerate time-to-value

Out-of-the box key performance indicator (KPI) catalog of thermal performance and financial calculations help enable faster time-to-value.

Meet financial targets

Leverage improved performance, capacity and heat rate predictions that project cost, revenue, and margin to meet financial targets.

Increase confidence

Build certainty that your operating plan will optimize use of plant capabilities without impacting reliability.

Enable operational decision-making

OPM supports operational decision-making so power generators can rapidly respond to market demands. It provides accurate, clear, and complete situational awareness to help maximize outcomes.

Drive Results with Operations Performance Management for Power Generation

OPM Performance Intelligence | Digital Energy | GE

Performance Intelligence

Achieve operating targets with key performance indicators (KPIs), scorecards and analytics-based advisors.


What traders and plant operators have traditionally lacked are comprehensive, timely and accurate data and tools that provide an integrated single source of truth to make sense of it all. Only with a complete picture of the operations, maintenance and actual capability of a power plant, coupled with market and environmental conditions, is it possible to make decisions about dispatch that maximize revenues while reducing fuel and maintenance costs.


Operations Performance Management (OPM) Software | software screenshot | GE Digital

Production Planning

Maximize margins and manage risk with accurate capacity predictions and decision support.

Performance Optimization | OPM Software | Digital Energy | GE

Performance Optimization

Safely expand operating limits with optimizers and advanced edge controls to enhance dispatch position by improving efficiency, generate more revenue with increased output, achieving faster starts and reducing emissions, and thrive in the marketplace by responding more flexibly to diverse market conditions.


See how to flex your gas plant to meet dynamic market demands with Capacity Optimization software

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Rapid results with GE Industrial Managed Services

The GE Industrial Managed Services Team (IMS) provides a range of expert services to guide and facilitate your OPM success and digital initiatives. From monitoring to product and best-practices guidance, GE experts augment your team and help drive desired results.


Unique turnkey outsourcing plans can deliver important benefits to customers on a continuing basis and with no OPM software purchase required. These services make it simple, affordable and fast for any plant to operate as a best-in-class leader.


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We are proud to announce the completion of commissioning with 25 percent ethane mixed with natural gas at our Fairview Energy Center, making it the first plant of its kind as well as one of the most efficient combined-cycle power plants in the world. CPV’s continual deployment of cutting-edge technology has propelled us to the forefront of the competitive power industry in clean, efficient as well as renewable generation. We are grateful to chart this course alongside our partner GE as we continue to build upon our longstanding, prosperous relationship.

Built on the Predix Platform

Predix Essentials is the foundation layer of OPM, packaging core features of the Predix Platform for the OPM customer. Beyond secure data connectivity, processing and storage, Predix Essentials provides rich user features such as dashboarding, analysis, alerts, cases and policies that are seamlessly integrated into the OPM user experience.

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