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Predix Operations Performance Management

Reduce waste, improve yields and increase revenue and margins by optimizing the performance and throughput of your lines, plants and enterprise

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What is Predix Operations Performance Management?


Predix Operations Performance Management (Predix OPM) is a complete on-premises control-to-cloud analytics solution designed to manage process variability and predict and improve product quality. Simply put, OPM optimizes the performance and throughput of your manufacturing lines and plants at the process level, reducing waste and cost, while increasing yield, quality, and efficiency.


Predix OPM delivers real-time visibility and insights into operations performance metrics to identify and solve performance issues faster. Using machine learning and the latest in analytics, OPM delivers on the promise of continuous process improvement at the line, plant and enterprise scale.

Realize the power of Predix Operations Performance Management

Manage process variability

Manage raw material and process unit variability resulting in better material and asset utilization and improved margins

Reduce waste

Drive cost savings directly to the bottom line through material, equipment and manufacturing process optimization

Support your process improvement methodologies

Use OPM analytics to support your Kaizen, 6 Sigma and Lean programs to perform root-cause-analysis

Faster time-to-value

Realize sustainable value faster with an enterprise scale operations performance management solution

Best practice collaborations

Use local process optimizations as best practices to implement and manage enterprise wide in multi-line, multi-site organizations.


Without the [GE] solution, we would incur additional cost for inefficiencies and we will definitely have equipment damage due to our inability to control the process in the same way as an analytically-driven system.

GE’s [software] provides us with visibility and insights to our KPIs and allows us to look at the actions that will improve performance at lower costs. When the plant manager talks to his trading counterpart, they are going to be talking real-time data.

Drive results with Predix Operations Performance Management

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Operational Intelligence

Enables Process Engineers to increase operating efficiencies using the latest descriptive and diagnostic analytics to monitor and identify anomalies and deviations in process operational KPIs through access to real-time data and material and process unit performance indicators.

What If Analysis | Predix Operations Performance Management | GE Digital | screenshot

Forecasting & What-if Analysis

Use the latest in machine learning and process digital twins to predict and identify process issues enabling Process Engineers to continually deliver the best outcomes for their businesses.  Proactively detect and solve performance issues faster through what-if scenario analysis.

Predix Operations Performance Management | Process Optimization | GE Digital | Screenshot

Production & Process Optimization

Provides real-time analytics and process controls to advise Process Engineers on process unit optimizations, or to execute fully automated process unit adjustments based on the latest in optimization and prescriptive analytics.

Built on the Predix Platform

Along with Predix APM, Predix OPM is built on the shared foundation and services provided by Predix Essentials. By leveraging these shared services and data sources, Predix OPM is able to incorporate asset related information along with manufacturing process and ERP scheduling and resource information into a comprehensive solution. With this shared-services approach, customers need only implement Essentials once and share the resources and storage across all Predix applications.

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