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Predix Operations Performance Management

Increase revenue and margins by optimizing performance and throughput of your plants, sites, and portfolio

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What is Predix Operations Performance Management?


Predix Operations Performance Management (Predix OPM) is a complete control-to-cloud optimization solution that improves the performance of plants, sites, and enterprises by stabilizing operations and optimizing yield, quality, and efficiency. 

Predix OPM is deployed where needed, on-premises and in the cloud, powered by Predix Platform—enabling industrial-scale analytics and bringing the right data to bear, at the right time, to drive better operating decisions.

Realize the power of Predix Operations Performance Management

Maximize productivity

Maximize plant production and margins through an efficient and flexible operating planning process

Accelerate time-to-value

Out-of-the box key performance indicator (KPI) catalog of complex performance and financial calculations help enable faster time-to-value

Meet financial targets

Leverage output projection and price curves to project cost, revenue, and margin to ensure targets are met

Increase confidence

Build certainty that your operating plan will not exceed business constraints, including emissions and production plans

Operational decision-making

Predix OPM supports operational decision-making so industrial organizations can rapidly respond to changing conditions. It provides accurate, clear, and complete situational awareness to help maximize outcomes.

Meet your operational financial goals

Meet your operational financial goals

10 %
Increase in throughput at a mine refinery
10 %
Reduction in power plant startup fuel usage
2.5 %
Reduction in mine power consumption
3.3 %
Increase in iron extraction efficiency


Without the [GE] solution, we would incur additional cost for inefficiencies and we will definitely have equipment damage due to our inability to control the process in the same way as an analytically-driven system.

GE’s [software] provides us with visibility and insights to our KPIs and allows us to look at the actions that will improve performance at lower costs. When the plant manager talks to his trading counterpart, they are going to be talking real-time data.

Improve your operations performance

Predix Operations Performance Management

Everything You Need to Know About Operations Performance Management