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Wellness Trace

Help travelers move with confidence

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Wellness Trace software: Help travelers move with confidence | GE Digital

What is Wellness Trace?

At GE Digital, we are striving to help the aviation industry get back up and running as quickly, efficiently, and safely as possible. To help with this mission, we’ve created Wellness Trace, an application based on blockchain technology that can be used to track object sanitization and more.


With the use of this application, your organization can better work to maximize occupancy while still adhering to regulations and protocols, improve customer trust and confidence, and proactively prepare for future track and trace needs.

Track object sanitization and cleanliness

Wellness Trace software: Certify area cleanliness | GE Digital

Object Cleaning Control

Certify that all surfaces and objects are clean, so travelers have peace of mind their time is safely spent with you. Customers scan QR codes to confirm the last cleaning event of an object or view the entire cleaning history, helping you build customer loyalty and trust.


You can use this application to scan any object you want to provide cleaning information for such as:

  • Public lavatories
  • Check-in desk area
  • Lounges
  • Restaurants
  • Rooms
  • Elevators
  • And more

While our primary focus is on the aviation industry, we recognize the opportunity to provide a complete end-to-end travel experience. This application can be configured to work with any step in a traveler’s journey.



Built on best-in-class technology from Microsoft

  • Azure Blockchain Service provides the infrastructure allowing us to focus on customer solutions
  • Power BI enables customers to clearly understand key metrics through a simple interface
  • Integrated with the latest security offerings such as Decentralized Identity Manage

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Wellness Trace is now available for Android and Apple devices.

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