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Digital Worker: Utilities & Telecoms

Mobile Enterprise solutions for utilities and telecommunications — bringing the office to the field, securely

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Digital Worker for Power, Utilities & Telecom | GE DigitalDigital Worker for Power, Utilities & Telecom | GE Digital

Break down barriers between the office and the field with Mobile Enterprise for utilities and telecoms

Digital worker | Utilities and Telecoms | Digital Energy

Digital Energy Accelerates Your Time to Value

As technology in the utility and telecoms industry has become more advanced, the need for mobility and a digital workforce has increased. Keeping pace with regulatory requirements, increasing capacity, and improving reliability—while still maintaining high levels of security and customer service—can be an overwhelming task.


The world for utilities and telecom providers is evolving towards decentralized control and execution—today we are seeing a shift toward a more mobile workforce in utility and telecom management.

What is Mobile Enterprise?

Digital worker | Utilities and Telecoms | Digital EnergyDigital worker | Utilities and Telecoms | Digital Energy

Universal mobile platform focused exclusively on utilities and telecommunications

GE’s Mobile Enterprise portfolio enables users to maximize the value of data and extends critical back office functions to the field, allowing office and field personnel to visualize and share network data and work tasks in real-time, agnostic of the mobile device or operating system in use.

GE’s Mobile Enterprise solutions deliver

Improved field visibility

Direct field access to real-time network maps for all outage, switching and asset management work

Improvements in crew productivity by up to 20%

Improvement in crew productivity and accelerated issue diagnosis and repair

Reduction switching errors by up to 75%

Reduction in switching errors and associated safety incidences

Native Interoperability

GE is the only vendor with proven solution breadth and depth, the industry experience and technology expertise to provide utilities with End-to-End Distribution solutions. GE’s Native Interoperability spans across the software portfolio (EMS, ADMS, GIS, Mobility and Analytics) and provides utilities with a unique alternative to highly customized and complex interfaces, significantly reducing the total cost of ownership.

Additive solutions include:

Electric Office

Native interoperability between Electric Office and Mobile Enterprise delivers a single source of truth about the as-built network model across the Asset Management lifecycle—from planning through design, construction to as-built and maintenance. This as-designed network model and integrated mobile workflow provides the most accurate and up to date network model needed for making safe and secure asset and operational decisions.


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Combining GE’s Mobile Enterprise with Advanced Distribution Management Solutions (ADMS) helps to leverage its full potential. Benefits span all functional areas of advanced distribution management delivering more safe, reliable and affordable operations. Mobile ADMS allows field crews with a connected smartphone, tablet or laptop to interact in real-time with the ADMS as well as other field crews and control/dispatch operators.

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Leverage data across operations to drive new business value, not only via predictive insights, but also through feedback into operations, all driving optimization. Ingestion of GIS, OMS, AMI/MDM, CIS, and other data sets into the data fabric detects errors and reduces data ingestion and integration costs across data silos.



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GE’s Mobile Enterprise


Mobile Asset Management

Extending critical back office GIS functions to the field, enabling office and field personnel to visualize and share network data tasks in real-time, agnostic of mobile operating system. Providing enterprise applications specific to the electric, gas, water and telecommunication industries.


Mobile Outage Response

Improve operator and field crew outage response with enterprise apps that maximize productivity while allowing utilities to meet customer and regulatory demands for improved network reliability.


Mobile Distribution Optimization

Deliver on the promise of your real-time Advanced Distribution Management Solution (ADMS) with scalable and performant enterprise apps that streamline network management via field and control room collaboration. Empower utility field crews to solve current operational challenges while positioning your utility for a mobile-centric future.

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