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Digital Twin

Apply advanced analytics and machine learning to reduce operational costs and risks

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Digital Twins are mission critical

Digital Twin Interview with Chad Stoecker
Digital Twin Interview with Chad Stoecker
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Digital Twin is most commonly defined as a software representation of a physical asset, system or process designed to detect, prevent, predict, and optimize through real time analytics to deliver business value.  At GE Digital, we are focused on how digital twins can help our customers across three core areas: Asset, Network, and Process.

Benefits of digital twins

Increased reliability and availability

Monitor, simulate and control an asset, process or network as an effective strategy to improve system performance

Reduced risk

Protect the health and safety of employees, the environment, and business objectives, by reducing asset- and process-related incidents and avoiding unplanned downtime

Lower maintenance costs

Predict issues before breakdowns occur, order parts, and schedule repairs at times that don’t impact production goals

Improved production

Ensure product quality with insight into the performance of assets and processes in real-time to influence and react to customization and minimize impact on supply chain


Leverage industry expertise, easy-to-use tools, and the most complete Blueprint catalogue that provide the analytics and real-time capabilities that industry needs

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APM Reliability software helps the bottling industry improve operations performance
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APM Reliability

Achieve less unplanned downtime by predicting equipment issues before they occur.

Engineers using GE Digital industrial software on mobile device
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Asset Digital Twin

Asset Digital Twin

GE Digital ADMS Portfolio | Advanced Distribution Management Systems for Utilities

Saving $1.5B In Reduced Operations and Maintenance Costs

Our Asset Performance Management (APM) solution creates Digital Twins based on operational / fleet data of components (pumps or compressors), critical assets (turbines) or systems of assets (an entire power station).


To date, we’ve saved our customers $1.5BN  through Digital Twins real-time monitoring capabilities, and currently have 1.2m Digital Twins of jet engines, wind-farms, off-shore oil rigs, power generation equipment, pumps, compressors, chillers, and more.


We have more than 330 different Digital Twin ‘blueprints’ available for customers in our analytics catalog – it’s easier than ever to rapidly get value from Digital Twin investments.