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Industrial Asset Management

Unlock hidden savings in your maintenance & reliability program, benchmark performance, and ensure trusted data drives business metrics with greater confidence

Webinar: Data Quality & Benchmarking
Industrial Asset Management

GE Digital has solved the data quality dilemma

Start trusting your data to drive improved business processes and key performance metrics. Focus your time and money on the most effective maintenance and operation strategies and receive continuous improvement recommendations.


Learn how to focus on improving CMMS data quality to boost O&M ROI.


Industrial Asset Management

Analyze actionable and reliable data in seconds not days

Automatically distinguish good data from bad to calculate accurate asset and process performance metrics while continuing to improve your data over time – no manual data queries required.

Improve maintenance visibility by 60%

Simplified enterprise dashboard captures a holistic view in maintenance costs and performance metrics across the company’s assets – maximize ROI using real-time industry benchmarking data compared to industry peers to drive more profitable decisions.

Reduce unnecessary spend

Early diagnosis immediately identifies problematic and costly assets to operate and maintain – improve proactive maintenance practices using predictive, preventative, and condition-based maintenance data.

Standardized analytics enterprise-wide

Eliminate inconsistency of data capture and usage of CMMS by standardizing and normalizing data across the enterprise – instantly measure business goal progression using confident metrics.

What is industrial Data Diagnostics?

Industrial Asset Management

Industrial Data Diagnostics (IDD) is a premier cloud diagnostic application that provides process and asset data quality analysis, performance benchmarking, and delivers actionable recommendations to continuously optimize O&M program data that are easily scaled throughout the enterprise. Industrial Data Diagnostics seamlessly integrates with GE Digital’s Asset Performance Management (APM) software for a streamlined navigation, intuitive user experience, and better business continuity.


Data quality is half the battle – download our guide to diagnose, cure, and sustain your operations and maintenance program 


Free data assessment

Find the hidden value in your data. Provide a sample of your data to receive a complimentary Quick Data Assessment and gain knowledge about performance, industry comparisons, and potential cost savings.


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Industrial Data Diagnostic Modules

Industrial Data Diagnostics software from GE Digital | screenshot | accurate data entry and accountability

Data quality

The Data Quality Module encourages accurate data entry and accountability by correlating data improvement to metric impact. It identifies good data and how to improve bad data, enabling greater confidence in decision-making.


Industrial Data Diagnostics provides an accurate asset performance assessment by analyzing the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) data for completeness, accuracy, and standards. Data quality analysis provides a list of data inconsistencies and prioritized actions to effectively resolve challenges – backed by GE Digital industry leadership, equipment expertise, and performance metrics.

Industrial Data Diagnostics software from GE Digital | screenshot | Identifying poorly performing assets

Enterprise benchmarking

Industrial Data Diagnostics includes a simplified summary to understand your data and maintenance operations by enterprise site, and asset.


Inclusive dynamic dashboards standardize and normalize aggregated data to enable cross-enterprise comparisons and drill-down details into individual equipment (or group’s) performance. Further, present deep dives into overall maintenance cost, site performance, averages, and manufacturer comparison to monitor and encourage informed improvements based on peer comparisons and trends over time.

Industrial Data Diagnostics software from GE Digital | screenshot | preventative maintenance software

Bad actors

Industrial Data Diagnostics identifies the Bad Actors experiencing frequent and recurring systemic failures that absorb extensive maintenance costs, usually unidentified. Assets are intuitively classified to easily browse throughout the entire enterprise without writing any tedious SQL queries.

Industrial Data Diagnostics software from GE Digital | screenshot | preventative maintenance

Preventive Maintenance (PM) diagnostics

With only a few steps, diagnose the corrective (reactive) vs. preventative (proactive) maintenance work performed on any asset category, class, or type. Quickly assess your PM program effectiveness by determining if preventive work is performed too infrequent or potentially too excessive. Identify ineffective programs with numerous maintenance issues yet still experiencing high failures.

Industrial Data Diagnostics software from GE Digital | screenshot |manufacturer comparison

Manufacture Comparison

This module showcases the average corrective costs vs. meantime between failures by manufacturer equipment type and class. Using GE Digital’s unique benchmarking database, Industrial Data Diagnostics aggregates and displays manufacture’s models by amount.

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